Best Cordless Drill Under $100

Working smart and not hard is embedded in using fast and efficient tools like a cordless drill that shouldn’t cost you an arm and leg. The following Guide will review Best Cordless Drill Under $100.

Drills are commonly used in construction; whether a small scale construction like a DIY project in your house or a large-scale project like a skyscraper. The flexibility to work anywhere, without worrying about cords reduces any accidents, limitations, and increases work efficiency. Corded drills are dependent on a power outlet and limit your movement based on the cord length. However, with technology advancements, it means that cordless drills are available and attempt to fix the downsides of their predecessors.

A cordless drill offers you this besides power and other features, and all you need is a charged-up battery. When looking for a corded drill, speed, power, and torque should be the guiding factor. Also, the price can be limiting depending on what you’re willing to spend. Worry not, in this article we got you covered with the best cordless drills costing less than 100 dollars with the same unmatched performance. Also, we have a detailed buying guide for you as you go on the hunt for the ideal cordless drill under $100.


Best Cordless Drill Under $100 – A Comparison Table

ImageBest Cordless Drill Under $100Best ForCheck on Amazon
BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX* POWERECONNECT Cordless Drill/Driver + 30 pc. Kit (LD120VA)BLACK+DECKER LD120VA 20V MAXBest overall cordless drill under $100Check On Amazon
DEWALT 20V Max Cordless Drill/Driver Kit, Compact, 1/2-Inch (DCD771C2), YellowDEWALT 20V MAX DCD771C2Best DeWalt cordless drillCheck On Amazon
Bosch Power Tools Drill Driver Kit DDB181-02 - 18V Cordless Drill/Driver Tool Set with 2 Lithium Ion Batteries, 18 Volt Charger, & Soft Carry Contractor BagBosch DDB181-02 18-VoltBest For Home UsageCheck On Amazon
PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX* Cordless Drill / Driver Kit, 1/2-Inch (PCC606LA)PORTER-CABLE PCC606LA 20V MAXBest additional featuresCheck On Amazon
BLACK+DECKER 8V MAX Cordless Drill/Driver (BDCD8C)BLACK+DECKER BDCD8C 8V MAXMost budget-friendlyCheck On Amazon


1 – BLACK+DECKER LD120VA 20V MAX – Best overall cordless drill under $100

The BLACK+DECKER LD120VA Cordless Drill from BLACK+DECKER is our overall pick based on the ratings and reviews on Amazon. It comes in orange color and weighs 3.94 pounds. It’s powered by a lithium battery that can hold a charge for up to 18 months and has a voltage of 20-volt with a speed of 750 revolutions per minute (RPM) and a 300 inch/pound torque. It comes with a soft handle grip for additional comfort when in use. Its kit includes 30 accessories like drill and screw driving bits, magnetic bit tip holder, a battery and charger, and nut drivers. The clutch size is ⅜ inches and includes 24 settings. It’s ideal for drilling through metal, plastic, and wood. The key feature is its ability to hold a charge for long and offers versatility with its 24 clutch position design that ensures screws don’t get stripped making it a powerful cordless drill. It also comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • The grip is comfortable
  • It comes with a 24 clutch position
  • The battery is long-lasting


  • The build is not strong enough


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2 – DEWALT 20V MAX DCD771C2 – Best DeWalt cordless drill

DCD771C2 from Dewalt makes it to the list as the best Dewalt model and one of the Best Cordless Drill under $100 having been built to live up to the company’s reputation as a trustworthy brand. It’s made of steel and is yellow with a 3.64-pound weight making it lightweight. It has a 20V max lithium-powered motor that can deliver 300 units of watts out that can compete in a wide application range. It has a high-speed transmission of 0 – 450 rpm and 0 – 1,500 RPM for a range of applications with a torque of 5300-inch pounds. Its chuck type is keyless and it has both a forward and reverse direction control with 16 clutch-power settings, a ½ inch single sleeve ratcheting chuck to provide gripping strength. Its LED light is located above the trigger for work area visibility. The battery recharge time can vary from the 90 minutes advertised depending on temperature. It also comes with two 20V compact lithium battery packs, a charger, and a contractor bag. This drill was designed for compactness and lightweight to be able to move around without fatigue or soreness.


  • The speed motor is variable and powerful
  • Its light making it easy to move around with
  • It has a short recharge time
  • Its compactness makes it easy to store or move


  • The battery is unreliable and its recharge time depends on the temperature
  • It has a base power of 12 volts


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3 – Bosch DDB181-02 18-Volt – Best For Home Usage

This is the most lightweight and compact 18-volt drill/driver. It weighs 3 pounds and a voltage and torque of 18 volts and 350 inches/pounds enough for driving the most common drill bits and fasteners. RPM respectively. It works at two speeds; at 400 RPM and 1.300 RPM – one for speed and another for heavy-duty projects to give you speed and efficiency when drilling. It comes with one charging port, two batteries, and a contractor bag for portability. Also included is an LED light to shine through the darkest of workplaces giving you the light you need, even in the dark. With this drill’s lightness and compactness, you can drive and drill fasteners in the tightest of places without getting tired and worked up. This drill is great for working at home and for plumbers, electricians, and HVAC professionals looking for an 18-volt drill that can handle everyday tasks. Its lightness makes it ideal for home users looking to drill anything from wood to metal.


  • It’s lightweight and compact
  • It offers varied high speeds


  • It doesn’t include drill bits
  • It comes with a limited warranty


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4 – PORTER-CABLE PCC606LA 20V MAX – Best additional features

This 20-volt max ½ inch PORTER-CABLE cordless drill using 1 Lithium-ion battery combined with a battery charger has all the necessary power, tools, and accessories to see you through the toughest wood and metal drilling, and fastening applications. It weighs 3.5 pounds and has a 2-speed gearbox of 0-400 RPM and 0-11600 RPM. It also includes a double-ended bit tip, a half an inch metal ratcheting chuck to prevent slipping of the bit, an LED work light, and a battery fuel gauge for indicating the remaining charge. This can be very useful when you’re in the middle of an important project of which it’ll take you 4 hours to get back on track. It comes with a 3-year warranty and a year of free service. This drill can serve you excellently, whether you’re framing out rooms, fastening door hinges, or installing cabinets


  • It has an awesome warranty together with a year worth of service
  • It has a dual-speed motor
  • There’s a battery display on the drill that’s ideal to keep you on course


  • It doesn’t come with many extra accessories


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BLACK+DECKER BDCD8C 8V MAX – Smallest and value for money

This is another drill from BLACK+DECKER, small in size weighing 1.3 pounds, and has a speed of 400 RPM making it reasonably priced. It has a voltage of 8 volts, comes with an 8-Volt integrated lithium-ion battery & a jack charger, and includes an ⅜ inch keyless chuck to give you an easy and quick bit change. It’s lightweight and can be used to fix things like screwing furniture together, fixing toys, tightening cabinets, drilling holes into drywall, or holes with diameters smaller than ¼ an inch, etc. With this, you don’t need a screwdriver and don’t have to worry about this power drill destroying any of your stuff. Some use a USB port while others use an AC adapter plug or, includes a double-ended bit and comes with a 2-year warranty. It’s a very DIY and basic drill even for kids.


  • It’s lightweight
  • It can be used by children or adults inexperienced with tools
  • It uses a USB cable to charge


  • The battery charge doesn’t last very long
  • It doesn’t have much power to handle big projects


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What to Consider When Buying a Cordless Drill

  • Speed

Speed and speed setting are important factors to consider when selecting a cordless drill. It determines the speed and depth the drill can do, the higher the speed the faster and harder the drill will drive through the surface that you’re working on. Speeds vary from drill to drill with some cheaper drills/drives having single speeds while others with double speeds. Single-speed drills are ok for an average household. Speed settings on the side allow you to screw/unscrew things with precision while torque settings help prevent stripping of screws or drilling of things too roughly. The more the settings and number, the better control and precision you have. The torque of over 100 inches or pounds with a high amount of RPM is ideal while for light drilling, look for a drill with between 400 to 1000 RPM.

  • Weight

Since you’ll be holding this drill/drive when working, you need to factor in how much it weighs to see if you can comfortably hold it. The weight ranges with the average household cordless drill weighing about 3.5 lbs and more powerful ones weighing more. Lightweight drills are more comfortable to use over a longer drilling session and are better if you have smaller hands or wrists compared to heavier ones. An ideal drill weight is 3 pounds or less.

  • Battery life

Cordless drills use recharged batteries instead of cords and can last between 30 minutes and an hour of endless drilling. Any drill with a battery lifespan less than this isn’t worth it. Look for drills that include a charger, 2 batteries that allow you to swap them without stopping to charge before proceeding with drilling. Go for a battery with 12 – 20 volts.

  • Power

Since you’re drilling or screwing, the power of the drill is very important to consider. More drill power means easier and faster drilling through even the toughest materials like metals. This also comes at a cost with the batteries being heavier and can be drained faster.

  • LED lights

LED lights to provide you with light when working in dark places or at night in the dark by illuminating your immediate surroundings so that you can see that drill hole that would otherwise be shadowed preventing errors or accidents. However, if you never have to work in such areas, then it’s not worth paying extra money for this feature.

  • Chuck

This may not be the most common factor to consider but it’s also important. A chuck is a clamp found at the cordless drill’s tip which holds the drill bits/screwdriver bit in-place, the bigger the chuck the more powerful your drill becomes. Chuck sizes range from ¼ to ½ inches with the most common chuck size being ⅜ inch while other models have a ½ inch chucks with the lower-end ones having a chuck of ¼ inches. Another thing to factor in is whether the chuck is keyed or keyless. The difference between the two is that on a keyless check, you can loosen the chuck easily with your hand while on a keyed chuck you need a key to first unlock the chuck before anything.

  • Accessories

Most drills are with extra accessories like extra drill screws and bits, and a contractor bag for portability. More drill bit means flexibility in drilling different hole types while more screw tips make it perfect for using your drill with different kinds of screws.

  • Warranty

You want to be able to return a defect drill in a stipulated period and get replaced with a new one. Warranty periods vary, the more the number of years, the better. Just ensure you get a drill that comes with a warranty.



Can I use any lithium-ion batteries for my drill?

Most cordless drills use lithium-ion batteries and it may be tempting to go for another lithium-ion battery when replacing them. However, it’s strongly recommended to use batteries recommended from the brand because batteries come in different shapes, and not any battery will work on your drill.

Can I use my cordless drill to drill through a concrete wall?

Not all cordless drills can be used for drilling concrete. It’s advisable to read your user manual and see if it can be used to drill concrete first before attempting anything. To drill through concrete, go for a cordless hammer drill.



A solid cordless drill drivers should be able to provide you with sufficient power to tackle a wide array of tasks based on its ability. It should also be comfortable to drill with enough power to last you through a drill session. Since your budget is $100, the reviewed cordless drills offer you this within budget and do not compromise on delivery. Now that you have a list of Best Cordless Drill under $100 to guide you in your purchasing, go ahead and get yourself one.