Best Hammer Drill to Buy

A few years ago, I had to put pictures on the walls of my house, and for that, I needed to make a lot of holes in the walls. For this work, I took some nails and started pushing them on the walls with the help of a hammer. But I failed to make a single hole in the wall because the walls were very hard, which could not be pierced easily. A friend of mine who owns a power tools shop agreed to do that work, and with the help of a gun-like machine, he hit the walls in a few moments.

I was surprised that I could quickly do the work I could not do with strength and hard work with the help of this machine in a short time. My friend said that this machine that looks like a gun is called a hammer drill. He said, “its function is to pierce any surface (whether soft or solid). Sometimes we use it to tighten or even remove a skewer”.

Since the hammer drill could have saved time, I thought it necessary to buy it to use it when needed in the future and not waste much of my time. But, before buying anything, I like to get to know about it in its entirety. If you are also thinking about buying a hammer drill, this article will be helpful for you.

There are two types of hammer drill are available in the market based on electricity:

  1. Corded hammer drill
  2. Cordless hammer drill
Best hammer drill
Best hammer drill

Corded hammer drill

The type of hammer drill in which a cord (wire) is available, and we need to connect it to the electric cable. This type of hammer drill is used for heavy masonry. Professionals use it more often when they are serving long-time duty or during serious work. Sometimes, due to the length of the wire, we have a problem drilling in a fixed place, but we can overcome this problem with the help of an extension wire. A high-quality strong motor is used to manufacture these hammer drills so that no problem arises while working on a hard surface. Corded hammer drills provide a long-term service, but there is a problem with these products because they are heavyweight.


Cordless hammer drill

These types of hammer drills are powered by a battery used in them. They are also used for heavy masonry as a high-power battery is used to make the machine. Cordless hammer drills are straightforward and comfortable to use because of their lightweight. Also, you can use them when the electric power is not supplied. Nowadays, they are more in use than a corded one because you wouldn’t have any problem drilling at any point in the workplace. Even as a result of the power problem, none of your work is going to stop.


Which is better between corded and cordless?

Both corded and cordless are considered good according to their usage. With the help of some of the following factors, you can find out which hammer drill will be best for you.



Suppose you need to work continuously for a long time. In that case, you should choose a corded hammer drill because the high-power motor is used in corded hammer drills and vice versa. If you have to work for a short time interval, you should use a cordless hammer drill as it is comparatively easy to use.



This is the essential factor you need to keep in mind. Suppose the required power supply is not available at the workplace. In that case, you should pick a cordless hammer drill over the corded one because, as you know, cordless hammers are powered by a battery. But make sure that the battery is charged enough or not.



If you need to work on a hard surface like concrete or work, you need to drill continuously. You should go with a corded hammer drill because it provides more torque and thrust, but you may go with a cordless hammer drill if the surface is smooth.

I hope now you are clear about your needs (corded or cordless). If yes, then it’s time to focus on some of the hammer drill functions you should look at before purchase.


Things to look out for before the purchase.


This feature decides the rate of work done on a hammer drill. A more powerful motor takes less time to drill on a surface. It is measured in ampere. A 10 amp or more powerful motor is considered best for drilling. Remember, a more powerful engine always comes with a larger size and heavier weight.



This feature is required to provide safety while working. Most of the hammer drill includes one side handle with the main grip. It makes work more accessible and comfortable. The side handle should be made of an insulator to absorb the current while working on a site.



A variable speed hammer drill is considered more versatile than a fixed speed hammer drill. You can use a variable speed hammer drill for a different type of surface. You may damage a constant speed hammer drill easily because other characters require varieties of speed. There is a trigger or dialer available in the hammer drill to control speed, and there are some numbers written on it like 1, 2, and 3. If you need a slower rate, you need to fix it on one, and if you require more speed, you can raise it to 2 or 3.


Drill size

The size of a drill bit is also an essential feature to the lookout. Mainly, two drill bits are available with the hammer drills, and the dimensions are 1 inch and ½ inch. Drill size decides the diameter of the hole you are going to drill. 1-inch exercises are considered more potent than a ½ inch drill.



This feature allows us to work in dark places or the absence of light. An LED light is added to the head of the hammer drill, which helps us focus on the target point. Especially at night time, this specialty is most helpful for the working person. So before purchasing a hammer drill, you should look at the LED light to make your deal much better.


Durability or warranty

Durability is also an important thing to look out for a while dealing with hammer drills. Top brand hammer drills provide a warranty of 2 to 5 years. The guarantee assures that we can use the machine for an extended period. Also, you should check the quality of materials used in manufacturing the hammer drill so that you won’t have any issues with a machine in the future.

So these were the main features you must look at before buying a hammer drill to pick the best hammer drill as per the requirements. Here I am going to present some of the best hammer drill models you can deal with


1) : Best Cordless Hammer Drill



WAKYME SDS-Plus cordless hammer drill comes with a powerful 21V battery that you can charge within 3½ hours only. Its 4000mAH capacity assures that we don’t need to consider setting a concern.

One extra lithium-ion battery is included with the product. If one of the batteries got a discharge, it would be available as a backup option. The variable speed setting helps us work on hard surfaces like concrete, metal, bricks, etc. As well as with the low-speed setting, you can use it for some light drilling like plastic and wood. You can work continuously for hours without getting your wrist hurt. It includes one other handle to hold the drill comfortably and make our work more convenient.

In the darkest places, you don’t need to worry about lighting because of the LED light. The LED light illuminates the workplace and makes things visible. With all these great features, it has a two-year warranty, so without any durability concerns, you can deal with it.


2) : Best Dewalt Hammer Drill



DEWALT is one of the most reliable and high-performance brands among all of the brands available in the market. DEWALT 20V Max would be the best purchase ever for you. The lightweight cordless hammer drill is very convenient and easy to use. The 20V lithium-ion battery has enough power to work continuously for hours. The battery is charged quickly, and one more backup battery has been included with the product so that your work won’t be delayed while charging a discharged battery.

The ergonomic and well-designed handle is easy to hold. There are3-speed options available that come with a great run time. These speed options make this power tool versatile and impactful so that you won’t have any problems while working on a site. Also, the high torque allows us to drill on any masonry. The LED light facility with these all facilities would be a great deal to do. It’s not about this product only; DEWALT manufactured each of their products reliable and durable. However, three years warranty assures that it is an amazing deal.


3) ENEACRO 1-1/4 Inch SDS-Plus: Best Budget Hammer Drill


ENEACRO 1-1/4 Inch SDS-Plus


  • Powerful motor
  • 3600 handle
  • Vibration control
  • Carbon brush
  • Metal material
  • Heat resistance



If you are looking for a professional worker and looking for a reliable corded hammer drill, this is absolutely for you. It consists of a 13amp powerful motor to work on any masonry. The engine allows us to do heavy-duty work like drilling concrete and metalworking.

The long-time continuous work won’t affect the hammer drill as a heat resistance copper wire is used in the product. There is a 3600 rotatable handle used to provide safety to our wrist. An anti-vibration handle is included in this power tool so that the hammer drill won’t slip from your hand. The SDS-Plus keyless chuck is helpful to change bit size. The exhausting heat system is why we can use it for an extended period without damaging the hammer drill.

If we talk about wire length, there is a 2.2-meter long wire used in it. You can extend the distance with the help of an extension wire. Still, this hammer drill is heavyweight and valuable to professional workers. The constant speed of 820 RPM may be a concern because you won’t use it for soft materials like plastic or wood. Conclusively I can say that it would be an excellent choice for any professional. According to the customer’s reviews, this is the most reliable and durable corded hammer drill they have ever used. They are adding a two-year warranty card so that if the product gets damaged, you will replace it quickly.


4) BOSCH 11255VSR Bulldog Xtreme: Best Corded Hammer Drill


BOSCH 11255VSR Bulldog Xtreme


  • Powerful motor
  • Multiple modes
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Vibration control
  • High torque
  • Depth gauge
  • Variable speed



BOSCH 11255VSR Bulldog Xtreme is a combination of speed and powerful impact. It consists of a powerful motor with 7.5 volts which allows us to apply 2.0 ft./lbs. Of impact energy. There are three modes available in this corded hammer drill 1) hammer mode, 2) Rotation mode, 3) Rotation with hammering mode. You can switch one mode to another as per your requirements. A variable speed trigger makes it more versatile. An ergonomic and vibration control handle is enough to make a job more accessible and convenient.

In comparison to all of the corded hammer drills available to sell, this one is amazing. It does heavy work like drilling into concrete and metals too efficiently. It feels like you have done an effortless and impactful job. Remember that the corded hammer drill is specially designed for professional workers because of the machine’s heavyweight. Meanwhile, this is one of the most versatile, reliable, and fabulous products for professionals to deal with. You will never regret dealing with this product. They are also providing a 1-year repairing warranty of the tool, so within this period, if the hammer drill is not working correctly, you can get it repaired.



All of the corded or cordless hammer drills mentioned above are highly rated and reliable. It would be best if you were sure which one is suitable for your work. If any of the above products lead to a powerful battery, then the other is challenging with durability. Therefore, You can choose any one of them that’s most suitable for your work.