Can a Cordless Drill Be Used as a Screwdriver?

Yes, a cordless drill can be used as a screwdriver and is more effective in sinking the screws. Most cordless drills have a screwdriver option that uses a clutch to avoid stripping of the head of a screw and can help to ensure the screw doesn’t go beyond a set depth. This is achieved by the drill stopping to apply any more force after a fixed torque amount. However, be sure to check the corded drill specifications to ensure it has a driver setting to prevent the drill setting from engaging by being able to lock it when in use as a screwdriver.


Can a Cordless Drill Be Used as a Screwdriver?

What’s a cordless drill?

This is a cordless electric drill that uses rechargeable batteries that can be charged using a charger and are the most type of drill. You will mostly find them in a hammer drill configuration and come with a clutch that rotates when it’s gripped which in driving screws into various materials without getting damaged or damaging the surface.

Cordless drills have undergone major developments over the decades that have improved their performance and made them more powerful and long-lasting when in use. The early cordless models used 7.2V batteries interchangeably with a long recharge duration. This has since improved with modern cordless drills using Lithium-ion batteries from 12 volts up to 36 volts with some having as low as 10-15 minutes recharge time. This has given the cordless drills enough power to produce sufficient speeds and torque that rival some corded drills.


What is it used for?

Cordless drills are mainly used in two ways. Firstly, they’re used for drilling holes in wood, drywall, metal, and even masonry. You can use a cordless drill to drill a hole in the wall and mount your TV or portrait. Their second role is to drive screws and fasteners onto material surfaces. You can carry out simple tasks like assembling furniture and cabinets in your house, mounting shelves, and even fixing toys.


So, how do I go about using my corded drill as a screwdriver?

Using a corded drill as a screwdriver is not difficult. But before we start, there are some safety precautions you need to put in place. Safety is very important and so is the right gear. Get the right gloves and eye protectors to protect your hands and eyes from any residue that may arise from screwdriving. For a beginner, it’s good to read the manual and understand the machine. You should understand how to power it on/off, where the gear selector is, and how to read the battery level. Make sure the cordless drill has enough battery charge so that it doesn’t give up on you midway. Depending on the brand, the drill should blink red when it’s full and green when not. The final thing is to select the right bit sizes for your drill based on your work to avoid damaging the drill or the work surface.

Now will the right preparations in place turn the drill away from you and switch it on. If the cordless drill has a screwdriver setting, then select it. If it doesn’t have one, choose a low-speed setting when you start in a clockwise direction, and then you can increase it as you go by depending on factors like the toughness of the material surface that you’re screwing into. When removing a screw, the direction of the driver bit needs to be reversed in an anticlockwise direction. This will ensure that you draw out the screw slowly and as safely as possible. When you’re done working, switch the cordless drill off and place it away in an open area.


The merits and demerits of a cordless drill as a screwdriver

Merits Demerits
It’s compact and lightweight It’s expensive
It’s powerful It can be difficult to operate
It has torque control
Versatile when used with some attachments
Can remove old and rusty screws



If you want a power tool with more power and versatility, then you should consider having a corded drill in your house. This power tool not only does what an electric screwdriver can do, it goes beyond to offer more functionalities. You can still use it as a power drill, all this in one machine.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should I look for when buying a corded drill driver?

There are several things you can consider before buying a corded drill. Look out for its power, torque, weight, battery capacity, and settings. All these factors will help you to not only get the best screwdriver, but also an ideal power drill that can give you the power you need in your applications while minimizing fatigue.

Are all corded drill drivers shipped with batteries and chargers?

No. it depends on the manufacturer.