Dewalt DCD777 Review – Budget Option

Dewalt is a reputable American power tool brand who in the fall of 2016, it released the Dewalt DCD777 cordless drill which is available as part of the 2-battery kit, also known as the DCD777C2, and a drill & impact driver combo known as the DCK277C2. The drill is a popular brushless & compact drill/driver, budget-friendly, and packs several awesome features that make it appealing to both DIYers and professionals. It’s a great power tool addition for anyone looking for a cost-effective combi for both light and heavy-duty applications. Below we will full Review Dewalt DCD777.


Dewalt DCD777 Review and Breakdown

This power drill as earlier mentioned has awesome features and combines a drill and a driver to deliver both their functionalities in one. The set includes a cordless drill/driver, 2 batteries, a charger, and a kit bag. It uses 2 Lithium-ion batteries of 20V combined that you can recharge quickly. It has a compact design and is light weighing slightly over 2 pounds.

Its greatest feature is that it combines both a screwdriver and a drill in one allowing you as the user to collapse two different tools in one. This saves you time, energy, and other resources giving you ample time to complete your tasks easier and faster. Besides, its 7.52 – inch length from the front to the back gives it compactness, making it lighter and portable that it can fit in those tight spaces of a house. You should be able to maneuver with it in your undertakings.

Dewalt DCD777 Review
Dewalt DCD777 Review

The Dewalt DCD777 comes nothing short of impressive performance. Using the 20V batteries, it gives you a powerful motor with a longer motor life of 30% more runtime than the brushed motor. It has more lifecycle and requires minimal maintenance. The drill generates a maximum torque of 500 inches/pounds and speeds of up to 500 and 1750 RPM, enough for light and medium tasks like penetration through the wood, drywall, and not-so-heavy metal. It is however not suited for heavier materials like a concrete slab. You can control and adjust the speeds easily and effortlessly depending on the material type or drill bit size. With an inbuilt LED light with a 20-second activation delay, the drill allows you to work in dark and poorly lit spaces. It has a flexible chuck size that can hold larger drill bits securely in place.

What we liked:

  • Batteries have a fast recharge time
  • The powerful brushless motor technology used
  • Plenty of speed and power
  • Has an LED light
  • The compactness and lightweightness
  • Variety of torque settings
  • The ergonomic handle design
  • Affordable and reasonably priced
  • Dual-stage trigger

What we did not like:

  • Batteries drain faster
  • Poor construction with a plastic chuck
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty tasks
  • Lack of a magnetic bit pouch
  • Does not work as an impact driver

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Dewalt DCD777 Review – Specifications

Model DEWALT DCD777C2 20V MAX Compact Cordless Drill / Driver Kit
Type Corded + Brushless
Weight 2.6 Pounds
Power Source Battery
Voltage 20V
Speed 1750 RPM
Torque 500 inches/pounds
Chuck size ½ inch
Chuck type Keyless
Clutch settings 15
Key Features Fast recharge time batteries, compact, powerful brushless motor, variety of torque settings, dual-stage trigger, flexible chuck size
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Dewalt DCD777 Review – Features

Design and Build

The Dewalt DCD777 comes with the native Dewalt yellow and black colors with the traditional design. It has dimensions of 12.5 x 3.75 x 9.81 inches and is 7.52 inches long from the front to the back. The drill weighs exactly 2.6 pounds which combined with its length, makes it compact and lightweight that it can fit in tight spaces. You can use it and also carry it around without suffering from fatigue. The handle has a comfortable grip that perfectly fits in anyone’s hands. It has 2 Lithium-ion batteries that use a charger to recharge in a short time. There’s an LED light to light your surroundings and has a 20-second delay after the trigger is released to give you visibility for more precision and accuracy. The ½ – inch keyless chuck can hold larger sized drill bits for heavier tasks.


Speed and Performance

This power drill and driver has an impressive speed and torque which unfortunately can’t be used for heavy-duty applications. A 20V machine, it produces maximum speeds of 500 and 1750 RPM and torque of 500 inches/pounds. A variable speed control aids in the control and swift adjustment of the speeds when dealing with different materials. This speed and power allow the drill to penetrate with ease into all kinds of wood, drywall, and lighter metals. In terms of performance, the Dewalt DCD777 has enough power for light to medium tasks thanks to its powerful 500 inches/pounds torque and a battery with a shorter and fewer recharge time. It has a keyless ½-ich chuck to hold the bits in place, and it can hold larger drill bit sizes allowing you flexibility. The brushless motor is powerful and you get more runtime, lifecycle with minimal maintenance. With the package comes a carrying kit bag harder than a hard-shell case that you can use to store not only your drill/driver but also other accessories and carry it around.


Who is it best suited for?

This power drill seeks to offer people a combi at a lower price. It’s best suited for experienced users, professionals as well as DIY enthusiasts looking to make the most out of a 20V Dewalt model at a lower cost. Though it can’t handle heavier applications, this Dewalt drill driver has the power and speeds to handle a wide array of tasks. Check also our comparison with DCD791.


Are there alternatives to the Dewalt DCD777

Yes, you can find other Dewalt models that produce the speeds and torque to handle the dame and more applications that the Dewalt DCD777 does. If you’re looking for alternatives, then check out the Dewalt DCD771C2, Dewalt DCK277C2 and Dewalt DCD780. They’re all models from Dewalt.


Features of alternative Dewalt Drills

Model Dewalt DCD771C2 Dewalt DCK277C2 Dewalt DCD780
Type of motor Brushed Brushless + Impact driver Brushless
Power 20V 20V 20V
Number of Batteries 2 Lithium-ion 2 Lithium-ion 1 Lithium-ion
Chuck type Keyless Keyless Keyless
Clutch Setting 16 15 15
Chuck size ½ inches ¼ inches ½ inches
Speed 450, 1500 RPM 1600 RPM 600, 2000 RPM
Weight 3.64 pounds 2 pounds 0.32 Ounces
Availability Dewalt DCD771C2 Dewalt DCK277C2 Dewalt DCD780


Verdict: So, should you buy the Dewalt DCD777?

This power drill is lightweight and compact but honestly, there are better alternatives to go with in terms of speed, power and they’re way lighter like the Dewalt DCD780. Even though it has fewer clutch settings, it’s more powerful with fewer batteries. For heavy-duty applications, the Dewalt DCK277C2 gives you a solid performance.


FAQs – Dewalt DCD777 Review

What’s the difference between a brushless and a brushed drill?

Brushed drills’ motors use magnetic power while brushless motors are made of carbon brushes that transfer the electric charge.

Does the Dewalt DCD777 come with drill bits?

No. you will have to order them separately.