DeWalt DCD778 Review – 20 Volt Cordless Compact Drill

Dewalt has been a reliable brand for many years. I’ve never had any problems with their products, and their kit has always surpassed my expectations.Dewalt DCD778 cordless drill was no exception. If you are looking for the best cordless impact drill to drive in screws quickly, look no further. This tool is a great performer and gets the job done with extreme ease. It is robust, powerful and it feels very comfortable to hold too. Today in this DeWalt DCD778 Review, I will look at its Specification, features, pros and cons, opinion, and many other things.



Voltage 20 V
No load speed 1SD 0-500 2SD 0-1750 RPM
Battery type Li-Ion N/A
Kwa Acoustic Power Uncertainty 3 dB
Chuck Capacity 13 mm
Impacts per minute 1sd0-8500 2sd0-29750 minˉ¹
Max torque 65 hard 26 soft nm
Weight 1.2 bare Kg
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DeWalt DCD778 review
DeWalt DCD778 review


The Dewalt DCD778 is a powerful, lightweight drill meant for users that require a battery-powered impact wrench. It is a cordless lithium-ion tool that can deliver up to 950 in-lbs of torque.

This high-power 20-volt cordless impact drill features an ergonomic composite material grip with rubber over-mold, variable speed trigger, and under-trigger switch, forward and reverse switch. The compact design will rotate at 2300 RPM and drive up to 425-inch pounds of torque.

With brushless power, it drives screws faster and further while running cooler and lasting longer. It Features three-speed ranges for drilling: Impact mode at 0 – 200 IPM, Variable Mode 0 – 1200 RPM, and high-speed Reversible mode 0 – 2800 RPM.

It also has three Bright LED lights to illuminate the work surface. Battery Fuel Gauge shows charge level at a glance; an integrated bit holder makes it easy to keep tools organized. This drill features a lightweight sand-blasted finish making it less slippery. The kit includes one 20 volt battery pack with a built-in fuel gauge.


Features of DeWalt DCD778 Review

Brushless motor

Dewalt has created a new type of brushless motor with many advantages over traditional motors. This new DCCD (Direct Current Cool DC Motor) design is very quiet, has virtually no heat buildup, and operates at very low speeds of 16V.

These factors combine to make for a much smaller amount of power needed than a traditional brushless motor of the same watt size. Due to the DC motor design, the DC can be much more compact than a standard DC motor. This makes it one of the most efficient ways to produce low-power systems in places where space is at a premium.


15-clutch settings:

It has been in the market for quite some time, but finally, Dewalt is out with a new torque wrench that features what they call 15-Clutch settings. These settings allow you to apply a torque amount that will fit the job without exceeding the torque capacity of your torque wrench.

I have never owned a torque wrench until recently and never felt as if I needed one. With this new device, I began to give these ‘tweaks’ and found that they worked miracles on the torque wrench.

In the past, I only had one or two options when it came to torque wrenches, between a universal or multi-torque grip. However, now there are multiple options from which to choose!


Led light

Dewalt has done a fantastic job with DCD778. The stand-out feature is the LED light, making it to be used in low to medium light conditions.



The dcd778 is a 17w slim, lightweight cordless tool. It has a smaller and lighter battery which also means 15 minutes of charge is enough. A 1 AA battery powers it, so you can use it anywhere. Its compact size makes it great for a perfect travel or camping companion; small, lightweight, and handy.


Balanced grip

The DeWalt DCD778 is a balanced 20-watt compact drill. This is one of the most powerful drills made by DeWalt. It has numerous features that make it perfect for both medium to large size jobs and the occasional small job.

The handle is built to be extremely fine-grained, which means that even while holding it by the handle, the pressure is distributed equally throughout the entire length of the handle. This helps to minimize hand fatigue.

This 20 VDC quick start drill design makes it easy to use and takes up very little space. This can be a great help if you are running low on counter space while trying to complete a job at home or on a smaller budget.


Long battery life

DeWalt Dcd778 is a powerful drill with 20V of continuous power. It has a battery life of over 30-50 hours; you’ll be sure to at least make it through the whole job without having to wait for the charge to complete. This makes it a little expensive but perfectly worth the money, in my opinion.


Pros and Cons – DeWalt DCD778 Review


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  • It has excellent safety features. Safety features include a keyless adjustable torque drive and a sliding switch for forward/reverse directional contact.
  • The compact size helps keep the weight down and makes it easy to use in tight spaces or on smaller Jobsite.
  • The proprietary triangle head gives you the edge when it comes to angle-of-attack. Simultaneously, the crush-resistant body-on-frame design means there’s no wiggle room for wind or other trash to get underneath the drill.
  • It has a fantastic texture grip which makes it easy to operate.
  • You will get a battery and charger with DeWalt dcdd78.
  • With brushless power, it drives screws faster and further while running cooler and lasting longer.
  • The battery not only lasts longer but also the weight of the battery is very light.




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  • Even though the weight of the battery is light, I consider Dcd778 to be a little heavyweight, considering it’s a one-hand tool.
  • It gets slightly harder to work in cramped places.


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Why choose DeWalt DCD778?

Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine even a small repair shop or car owner’s storage without a cordless drill. But there are different kinds of these power tools, other than the basic drills and screwdrivers. According to specific criteria and unique features, Dewalt dcd778 can be rightfully considered one of the best cordless compact drills.


My opinion

When it comes to the best cordless impact drill, DeWalt offers an extensive lineup. This super-compact 20V drill has a 1,000 rpm motor and can pick up 16 lbs of handle dings per charge. This makes it perfect for jobs where speed is of the essence – like drilling holes in drywall and plywood pieces!

The pneumatic loading mechanism is also user-friendly, featuring a simple twist grip mechanism that enables easy practice battery changes. The cordless drills handle made of steel with a rubber grip for improved comfort and tip-over protection. This drill has two heads: one with a midpoint holder and another with a 1/2″ socket level.

They are designed for entry-level heavy-duty DIYers who want a drill but don’t want the weight, size, or cost associated with a traditional drill. This compact 20V cordless impact drill has a high torque motor for fast drilling and a wide shaft to drill through virtually any material. This unit is easy to use, with handles that clip into the handlebar and an LED light to warn you when it’s time to replace batteries.

So if you are in search of an affordable and excellent quality cordless compact Drill, make sure to check out DeWalt DCD778.



The DeWALT DCD778 offers 20-volt cordless impact power that is compact and lightweight. This makes it an ideal tool for homeowners, professionals, handypersons, and DIYers looking to save space and time in the workshop. With features such as a multi-function button, replaceable battery, and cordless auto shutoff, this drill has it all! We hope that our DeWalt DCD778 Review helped on your decision.