Dewalt DCF787 vs DCF885 Impact Driver: Which is Best?

Dewalt is a well-known company that has been in the power tool industry for many years. They have a wide variety of different products to suit your needs, ranging from drills and saws to impact drivers and nail guns. The Dewalt DCF787 vs DCF885 Impact Driver are two very similar models. Both come with three-year warranties; both feature a brushless motor for increased run time and decreased maintenance. However, some distinct differences between them might make one more suitable than the other, depending on what you’re looking for in an impact driver.

As everyone knows, there are numerous impact drivers from different brands in the market. And choosing one impact driver that offers the best features, it’s a difficult task. Researching about a tool on google is another hectic. No one wants to spend hours finding the details of power tools.

Lighten up! You don’t have to worry about it. I’ve done in-depth research for you regarding this topic because I’ve come up with the two best impact drivers of Dewalt (DCF787 and DCF885) and will compare both tools’ features and performance.


Compare Dewalt DCF787 vs DCF885

Dewalt DCF787 vs DCF885
Dewalt DCF787 vs DCF885

DeWalt DCF787 Overview



Brand DeWalt
Model DeWalt DCF787
Type Cordless Drill
Battery 20V Li-On
Torque Upto 1500 inch-pound max torque
RPM (Rotation Per Minute) 2,800
IPM (Impact Per Minute) 3,200
Weight 2.8 pound
Dimension 12.5 × 3.75 × 9.81 Inches
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DeWalt DCF787 is a cordless impact driver, which works perfectly for handypersons. You can drive any screw or bolts in most of all applications with this impact driver. Plus, it is lightweight; you don’t need a heavy hand to use it.

It is also a compact drill that you can do anywhere without worrying about the area. Other than that, you’ll also get a 90-day money-back warranty which is good if you don’t like the product after purchasing.

DeWalt DCF885 Overview



Brand DeWalt
Model DCF885
Type Cordless Drill
Battery 20V Li-On
Torque 1,400 inch-pound max torque
RPM (Rotation Per Minute) 2,800
IPM (Impact Per Minute) 3,200
Weight 2.0 pound
Dimension 5.5 × 9.37 × 3.9 Inches
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DeWalt DCF885 is one of the famous impact drivers of the DeWalt brand. It is available in many different kits, and each kit offers various equipment with the tool. If you’re looking for a lightweight, compact impact driver, it is the best choice for you.

The performance of DCF885 is impressive. A handyperson can do all of their work properly without facing any obstacle.


Feature Comparison of DeWalt DCF787 vs DCF885

How can both DeWalt DCF787 and DCF885 be amazing? And if they are, then what is the difference between Dewalt DCF885 vs. DCF787?

How can you choose one between DCF787 vs DCF885? These questions might be ringing the bell to your mind. But don’t worry because below you’ll get the answer to all of the questions.

So let’s start the quest of finding the best impact driver.



DeWalt is a renowned name when it comes to power tools. Almost all power tools of the DeWalt brand are known for their performance.

DCF787 and DCF885 both impact drivers are produced by the DeWalt company. So they both are excellent when it comes to performance. You can use DCF787 and DCF885 regularly for your work.

The thing that creates a difference in performance between all impact drivers is the amount of torque. A drill that offers more torque compared to others is a powerful tool. The more torque a drill delivers, the more the impact driver will work perfectly.

DeWalt DCF787 delivers the minimum torque of 1,500 inch-pounds, and DCF885 delivers 1,400 inch-pounds. As you can see, the difference in torque is not significant.

So the bottom line is they work fine on most applications, even with more rigid materials like hardwood and steel. So in the case of performance, it’s a tie. However, when it comes to torque DeWalt DCF787 wins but with a minimal margin.


RPM (Rotation Per Minute) and IPM (Impacts Per Minute)

RPM (Rotation Per Minute) and IPM (Impacts Per Minute) are the second most important aspects to research while purchasing a drill. After torque, the thing that matters most is the RPM and IPM of an impact driver.

DeWalt DCF787 and DCF887 offer the same RPM (2800) and IPM (3200), Which means they are equal in speed and the impacts they produce.

Though they deliver the same RPM and IPM, the speed and power they offer are 2800 RPM, and 3200 IPM is enough to work on any application.


Ease of Use

Easiness is everything, after all the reason we buy an expensive tool to make the work easy. Then what’s the point of purchasing a device which is difficult to use.

That’s the point where both DeWalt DCF787 and DCF885 shine. The weight of DCF787 is 2.8 pounds, and DCF885 weight is 2.0 pounds which is a slight difference. So both are lightweight, which means you don’t have to worry about fatigue. It is also a compact drill that you can use in any tight area.

In short, anyone can use it, plus you’ll not get tired after using it because of its weight and small size.



Here comes the part that creates a significant difference between both of these impact drivers. Dewalt DCF885 comes with a brushed motor and DCF787 with a brushless motor. Both motors are different not in the context of performance but battery quality.

A Brushless motor is generally more effective and has a more extensive lifespan than a brushed motor. It does not need maintenance like a brushed motor, and you will not face a problem with a brushless motor.

At the same time, a brushed motor is opposite to a brushless motor. It does not have a longer life; you don’t have to spend dollars on maintenance. The good thing is it is cheaper than a brushless motor. Now it depends on you which type of motor you need.



A good battery is essential for any tool. DeWalt DCF787 and DCF885 come with a 20V Li-On battery. Though both batteries are identical, the thing that creates a difference is the battery’s running time.

You can use DeWalt DCF787 for 45 minutes with a fully charged battery. And DeWalt DCF885 battery timing is 30 minutes after charging 100 percent battery.

You might wonder why the battery running time is different when the same batteries power them both?

Well, the reason is the motor of both impact drivers. A Brushless motor produces less heat, and because of this reason, DCF787 uses less power and provides better running time (45 minutes). While DeWalt DCF887 is a brushed motor, it produces more heat and takes more energy. That’s why it provides 30- minutes running time.


What are the Pros and Cons of Purchasing DeWalt DCF787 and DCF885?

Now it’s time to talk about the Pros and Cons of purchasing DeWalt DCF787 and DCF885.


DeWalt DCF787 DeWalt DCF885
Produce maximum torque of 1500 in-lbs. Produce maximum torque of 1400 in-lbs.


It comes with a brushless motor.


Provide a variable speed trigger to control drill speed.
It is easy to operate. You can change a bit quickly. You can easily change bit with one hand.
Feature an LED light in the impact driver. You’ll get an LED in an impact driver.
It is a lightweight and compact impact driver. It is a lightweight and compact impact driver.
 Check Price On Amazon  Check Price On AmazonCons


DeWalt DCF787 DeWalt DCF885
It does not come with a belt clip. It does not come with a brushless motor.
It comes with one LED bulb. Produce low torque in contrast to DeWalt DCF787.



How to Use DeWalt DCF787?

Here’s the procedure of using a DeWalt DCF787 impact driver.

  • First of all, charge the battery fully to use the impact driver.
  • After charging, hold the impact driver and insert the bit.
  • Turn on the device.
  • Place your finger on the trigger.
  • The LED light will turn on automatically whenever you press the trigger button.
  • Then use it and do whatever work you have with an impact driver.
  • After using it, release the trigger to stop the impact driver.
  • And that’s the whole procedure of using an impact driver. This procedure is valid for almost all impact drivers and drills.


Does DeWalt DCF885 have Speed Variable switches?

Yes, DCF885 has speed variable triggers. Variable speed trigger is one of the essential parts of an impact driver. This feature helps in numerous ways. As a handyman, you’ve to work on different materials; some are tough, like concrete, steel, etc. If you want to use an impact driver on challenging applications, then the impact driver needs more speed. The only way to control speed is by variable switches.


Which impact driver is better: DeWalt DCF787 vs DCF885?

It’s a long debate because the answer depends on everyone’s personal choices, as we mentioned above about the performance, torque, motor, and battery. But there is no significant difference between them. The thing that makes them different is the motor, battery runtime, so if you want to choose a drill with a good run time, then DeWalt DCF787.


Final Words

Hopefully, after reading the article, you’ve understood the difference between DeWalt DCF787 vs DCF885. However, both impact drivers are good and manufactured by the same brand. The performance quality is also excellent, and you can use both of them on any tougher material.

However, the significant difference is motor and battery timing. DeWalt DCF787 comes with a brushless motor that is more effective and requires less maintenance than DeWalt DCF885.

The benefit of buying DCF787 is that it also offers more running time, around 45 minutes, with a fully charged battery. So, in that case, DeWalt DCF787 shines. Still, the person who can choose best for you is only you, so don’t hesitate to do some more research and clear your mind, then select any impact driver.