Dewalt DCF887 Review – Is it the Best Budget Cordless Impact Driver?

The Dcf887 impact driver is part of Dewalt’s premium range of power tools. It is designed to a high standard and is built to be durable and withstand harsh situations. Several features make this impact driver stand out from the crowd, making it a great addition to any toolbox. Here’s a Dewalt dDCF887 review. In this review, I’ll cover the features, benefits, and drawbacks of the DCF887.

Dewalt dcf887 Review- Specifications


Dewalt dcf887

Model : Dcf887
Max torque: 205Nm
LED lights: Available
Type of anvil: Quick-release
Charger included: Depends on the type of kit.
Warranty : 3 years limited
Type of battery: Lithium-Ion
No-load speed : 0 – 1000, 2800, 3250 rpm
Type of motor: Dewalt built brushless motor
Power tool type: Cordless impact driver
Belt clip: Available
Drive: ¼ inches HEX chuck with easy grip sleeve
Precision drive: In position 1



What is included in Dcf887?

  • 1 x brushless impact driver
  • User manual
  • 2 x batteries 2.0 Ah
  • 1 x Kit box
  • 1 x charger
  • 1 x belt clip


About Dewalt Dcf887

DEWALT DCF887 Impact Driver is one of the latest additions to the DEWALT lineup. It is another model which can be purchased as a bare tool and comes with a battery and a charger. The battery life is good.

The most eye-catching feature is probably the brushless motor that delivers up to 57% more run time than brushed motors.

DEWALT DCF887 Review
DEWALT DCF887 Review


Detailed information

In this dcf887 review, we will see how this all-new impact driver tool has shaken and captured the market with its unique functions. It is very light as well as compact that enables us to carry it anywhere with ease.

Moreover, just like its lightweight body, it is also relatively light on the pockets. You can quickly get the whole kit at very budget-friendly prices that are worth your value of money.


The reason?

Well, the reason why one ought to get his hands on dcf887 is that it makes your drilling work even more accessible. It is not that it only makes holes or fixings but also helps you fix large holes that are rigid. It can easily handle sturdy materials where the drill machine might not be able to work effectively. Trust me when I say that it will save a lot of your time.


The result?

Although the impact driver and drill driver look and work almost the same way, you will need to get an impact driver for better and smooth performance because drill drivers cannot always handle tight materials and blame the torque.

These days, having a power tool like dcf887 is a must. To top it with cherry, they are readily available almost everywhere because the world is trying to provide convenience in every way possible.


Is it a good choice for you?

It’s a common question from newbies who are just starting: Is DCF887 the best choice for me? To answer that, you have first to ask yourself what your personal goals are and how much time you can put into learning to use them. We will now dig into what this impact driver review carries to decide whether it is worth all that praise.


Who is this tool for?

Dcf887 can be used by anyone who wants to do heavy drilling of nuts, bolts, and other screws.

It is highly efficient with every feature and function, including li-ion battery and fast speed, and various kits. It provides every kind of user comfort while working without putting on many excursions. Be it a plumber, mechanic, or electrician, etc. It is the right choice for almost everyone.


What can you use it for?


Dewalt DCF887, with its powerful torque, lets you have a better experience of drilling. It would make it easy for you to:

  • Fit in the rigid areas, being lightweight and compact.
  • Having 3-speed settings makes the application of versatility optimized.
  • Clearer vision with 3 LED lights
Dewalt dc887 use
Dewalt DCF887 use

Performance and power

The max torque and speed are the two main elements you need to consider while checking an impact driver’s performance. In dcf887’s matter, the no-load rate is about 3250 RPM along with IPM.

Also, it has a monster-like max torque of 1825 in-lbs.


Variable speed(no load speed 0 1,000)

The variable speed trigger is what you can find in Dewalt 20v max tools. While testing the 3-speed settings of dcf887, we found out that it can easily sustain 429 RPM under the load. There is an expectation of seeing such a high-level impact driver of this class sustain more than 400 RPM. It is very effortless for dcf887 to reach this target without any hassle. Also, it does not face any issue in driving a ¼ inches screw.


Functional, lightweight design

It has a compact and lightweight design. The hex chuck grip of its handle is designed to become very comfortable for the user to use the tool. It is designed in the shape of a pistol for a tight grip so that even if you set the max torque, it will not make it uneasy for you to hold it.


Overall Dewalt DCF887 review

Dewalt has been doing great in terms of manufacturing tools. However, this one, dcf887 right here, is the best so far. There is no doubt that Dewalt has kicked the rest out of the play with this tool.

Again, it is leading with all its necessary features available at such a reasonable price.

It beats the other tools with its light body and comfortable design in terms of body and design.

All the above details prove why it stands out in the line of the best impact driver.


Pros and cons – DCF887 Review

Pros and cons of dcf887 20V max XR
Pros and cons of dcf887 20V max XR


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  • Be it any rigid material, the raw strength of the tool makes your work easy.
  • Even if a person works with rigid spaces, the lightweight dcf887 allows you to handle it with complete comfort for more extended periods.
  • It provides a quality finish to your work since it has a construction finish of fantastic quality to perform great with heavy-duty projects.
  • LED lights with a 20-second trigger release delay enable you to double-check your work if you have done it with perfection.
  • It has a precision drive in speed 1 for precision applications and added control with 3-speed settings.



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  • Although we do not deny the efforts put into this model to make it less noisy with brushless fans, this product is still a little loud while working.
  • For some people, it may be a bit expensive.


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Popular comparison

Dewalt dcf887 vs Dewalt dcf787

If we compare the two Dewalt products, dcf887 and dcf787 tool, we found out that dcf887 prominently stands above dcf787. It can be an excellent choice as the tool is 20V without cord along with 2x batteries of 4.0 Ah, a belt clip, and a quick charger included.

Although both the models have almost the same features, dcf887 has got some advantages over dcf787. It has 3 LED lights that remain for 20 seconds after trigger release, while dcf787 consists of only one.

Hence, we concluded that dcf887 is for sure the better choice as compared to dcf787 when it comes to choosing a better tool. Check out also the comparison of Dewalt DCF887 with DCF885.


Dewalt dcf887 impact driver kit types

Dcf887 has a wide range of power tools. To select the right one for yourself, we have mentioned below the types of kits it possesses along with their prices.

There is something you must know before getting your hands on a Dewalt impact driver tool. All of the kits contain the same impact driver with the changes in size and quantity of battery and the different carry cases per the kit.


Dewalt dcf887B (Only the tool)

This product is a better option if you only want the power tool and not its charger or battery.

  • 1x Dewalt impact driver(20v)
  • User manual
  • Battery, charger, or carry case not included


Dewalt dcf887P1

You can surely get it if you want to include more accessories.

  • 1x Dewalt impact driver(20v)
  • User manual
  • 2x batteries
  • 1x high-speed charger
  • 1x carry case


Dewalt dcf887M2

Grab it for sure if you would love to have the whole kit.

  • 1x Dewalt dcf887M2 20v impact driver
  • User manual
  • 2x batteries
  • 1x speedy charger
  • 1x carry case


Dewalt dcf887D2

This is going to be one of the finest choices in the 20v impact drivers’ kit.

  • 1x Dewalt dcf887M2 20v impact driver
  • User manual
  • 2x batteries
  • 1x speedy charger
  • 1x carry case



It is one of the best impact drivers on the market. It has a smooth design and is more powerful than most other drills available in the market. But what about pricing?

The price tag for this tool is around $199.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Why should I get dcf887 and not dcf787?

It is pretty evident when we compared the two products, and after comparison, we felt that dcf887 is far better than dcf787.

Why are impact drivers considered to be better than drill drivers?

As impact drivers have a pistol-like design, they are easy to handle and, most significantly, can handle tight and large fixings easily.

Does it take long to charge its battery?

Use the original charger provided with the kit. It will hardly take thirty to seventy minutes to charge the impact driver fully.

Compare to DCF888?

Check our compare to DCF888



DEWALT tools are more than just power tools. They are precision machines engineered with the highest quality materials and built to last. When it comes to your home, you want to make sure that you choose a tool that will not only be safe and effective but will also last for years. With 3 years warranty, dcf887 is your perfect choice. Lets hope that our Dewalt DCF887 review was helpful in your choice .