Dewalt DCF887 vs DCF888 Impact Driver : What’s the Difference?

Dewalt is one of the most popular power tool brands around. Both the Dewalt DCF887 vs DCF888 impact drivers are amongst their top-selling impact drivers. Let’s take a closer look at the similarities and differences to see if there are any decisive reasons for choosing one over the other.

Why to choose Dewalt dcf887 vs dcf888 impact driver:

Dewalt impact drivers are some of the most popular in the market and for a good reason. They are durable, powerful, and affordable. Both DCF887 and DCF888 are compact, lightweight that offer multi-speed ranges for many applications. DCF887 vs DCF888 features comparison:


DeWalt DCF887 vs DCF888 comparison:

Features DCF887 DCF888
Motor Brushless Motor Brushless Motor
Torque 205 Newton Metres 205 Newton Metres
RPM 3250 3250
IPM 3800 3800
Speed setting 3-speed setting options 4 speed setting options
Length 5.3 inches 5.3 inches
Weight 2 lbs. 2 lbs.
Ratings 4.8 on Amazon 4.8 on Amazon
Check on Amazon Check Price On Amazon Check Price On Amazon


Dewalt DCF887 vs DCF888
Dewalt DCF887 vs DCF888

1. Battery:


DCF887 is a cordless drill and doesn’t come with batteries. You have to choose the battery yourself.

Some DCF887 kits come with a 2.0 Ah (ampere-hour) battery. 2.0 Ah battery does not last long, which is not an excellent choice for those who have to work outside most of the time.


Just like the DeWalt DCF887, It also doesn’t come with batteries. Don’t concern yourself too much thinking about battery selection. DeWalt has XR (Extreme Runtime) battery series, which is specially made for brushless motors. DeWalt XR batteries boost the capabilities and give your impact driver more runtime.

Note: For some CF887 & DCF888 kits, you’ve to buy a battery yourself. Our suggestion is to buy 4.0, 5.0, or 6.0 ah (ampere-hour). 4.0 Ah, 5.0 Ah, or 6.0 (ampere-hour) Li-ion batteries give your impact driver phenomenal battery life. You can use an impact driver for the longest time without worrying about the impact driver’s charging status.


2. Motor


A machine performance shows the quality of the motor. It’s an essential part of any mechanism. DeWalt DCF887 20V Max XR brushless motor with 3800 IPM (impact per minutes) gives the impact driver the longest run time and highest efficiency. It creates 205-newton meters torque; with this torque, you can use DeWalt DCF887 on the more rigid surface with no difficulty.


Some impact drivers don’t work on more challenging surfaces because of the incapable motor. But don’t worry, that case does not apply to DeWalt DCF888. The brushless motor of DeWalt DCF888 is capable and efficient in doing all tasks on the strength of 205 NM (newton Metres) torque for a more extended period compared to the Ni-Cd motor.


3. Speed setting


The incredible thing about the DCF887 impact driver is it has a speed setting. There is a speed control switch at the bottom of the impact driver. There are three different speed settings. In the first setting, you’ll get 1000 rpm, the second set has 2800 rpm speed, and the third-speed option is 3250rpm. With the switch’s help, you can control the impact driver’s speed according to your convenience.


You’ll get an updated feature in the DCF888 impact driver update. It has four variable buttons for speed setting instead of three. This 4-speed setting makes DCF888 an all-in-one tool that you can use for any surface.

It allows you to control the speed and RPM between 0 – 3250. The first-speed setting is made for the smaller tasks, and the second, third and fourth is for tasks that need powerful tools.


4. Weight and Size


Motor and batteries are not only some features that make DeWalt DCF887 stand out in the crowd. With the help of 5.3 inches DCD887 impact driver, you can work as much as you want in any tightened or small area. The lightweight and comfortable compact design of DCF887 make the impact driver an easy-to-use machine.


It has 5.3 inches in length and 2.8 lbs Weight (without batteries). This makes the impact driver convenient and user-friendly. For that reason, DeWalt DCF888 is an excellent choice for those who don’t want to work with heavy, big impact drivers and searching for a compact tool.


5. Grip, led light, and warranty

Grip, led light, and warranty
Grip, led light, and warranty


You can easily hold DeWalt DCF887 one-handed bit loading, 1.4 hex chuck impact driver. It has three led lights which will give you safety while working in darker areas.


The DeWalt Company gives users a 1-year free service and nine months money-back guarantee.



DCF888 has a user-friendly interface with three led lights. You can work in darker areas and a chuck design in which you can quickly change the bit of the impact driver.


DeWalt DCF888 has three years limited, 1-year free service, and 90 days money-back guarantee.


6. Updated features of DeWalt DCF888

As I already specify that DCF888 is a new version that has many unique features for buyers. It gives the user access to control and check all information with the help of an app.

You can easily download it on Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

App features:

  • You can connect your tool with the app by choosing any way (tool, battery, connector, tag).
  • It gives you an option to connect the impact driver with Bluetooth under the 100 ft. area.
  • You can check the location, run time, and temperature of your impact driver.
  • App also safe your impact driver with the help of disabling when out of range setting.
  • The app accesses you to control the RPM, Torque, and led light.
  • The app can send a low battery alert to your phone.


DCF887 vs DCF888 summary:

DCF887 & DCF888 are the products of the same brand, and because of this reason, both have many similar features and qualities. Wait, it does not mean they are the same impact drivers, and there is no difference between them.

The main difference between both impact drivers is DCF888 is the newest and upgraded version of DeWalt DCF887. It has the latest features that were not available in the DCF887.


Why is DeWalt DCF887 better than DCF888?

There is no doubt that DCF887 is a convenient and helpful tool. That is famously known for its features and performance, and that’s the biggest reason why DeWalt DCF887 is better than DCF888. As you already read about the features and compare yourself, both have similar features like motor, weight, size, RPM, IPM.

Suppose you’re looking for a compact and portable impact driver that delivers more power and durability than its predecessor. In that case, the DCF887 is the better choice.


Why is DeWalt DCF888 better than DCF887?

DCF888 is an expensive option but comes with great features of the second generation. For example, why do we buy a 3g smartphone when you can buy a 2-G mobile phone at less price? While both (2-G and 3-G) can work for communication?

The answer is third generation (3-g, 4-g) mobile gives us more facilities and features. We can easily connect with the world, check the location of our mobile phone, etc. The same is the reason for choosing DeWalt DCF888 over DCF887.


DCF887 vs DCF888 Kits Comparison:

DCF887 vs DCF888 Kits Comparison
DCF887 vs DCF888 Kits Comparison

DCF887 kits:

DeWalt DCF887 has different kits (DCF887P1, DCF887B, DCF887M2, and DCF887D2). All kits have the same impact driver, and the only difference is the battery and kits’ items. For example:

  • DCF887P1 comes along with a 5.0 AH battery, charger, and belt clip.
  • DCF887B offers only impact drivers with a belt hook.
  • DCF887M2 kit has 2 4.0 Ah batteries, charger, and belt hook.
  • DCF887D2 kits also have 2 (2.0 Ah) batteries, charger, kit box, and belt clip.
  • Check also our single review of Dewalt DCF887


DCF888 kits:

DeWalt DCF888 has 2 kits (DCF888P2BT and DCF888D2) and the third option is (DCF888B).

  • DCF888B is not a kit. It is only an impact driver.
  • DCF888P2BT kit includes two brushless batteries of 5.0 AH, charger, and kit box.
  • DCF888D2 kit includes two brushless batteries of 2.0 Ah, charger, and kit box.


1. What is an impact driver?

The impact driver is one of the most valuable tools for a person who makes and repairs household wood products or deals with projects in which you have to drive screws or bolts. It comes in a gun shape and makes your work faster and easier. You can quickly drive any long screw in hardwood or steel components.

2. Why should you choose a cordless impact driver?

The feature of the Cordless impact driver is it provides users to work outside without worrying about electricity. Finding a source of power (electricity) in some areas is a difficult task. But if you have a Cordless impact driver, you need a charged battery, and you can work anywhere.

3. Can you drill with a cordless impact driver?

You may or may not. It depends upon the task. Impact drivers are not for drilling holes, but you can bore small holes. You can’t use a cordless impact driver for drilling holes in hard surfaces like (metal, steel, or hardwood).

4. Which DeWalt impact is the best?

DCF887 and DCF888 have the same performance, but when it comes to the latest features and performance, DCF888 is the best DeWalt impact driver.

5. What is DeWalt dcf887 torque?

DeWalt DCF887 torque is 225 Newton Metres that boost the impact driver performance and efficiency. For that reason, DCF887 works faster than other impact drivers whose torque range is lower.

6. What is the best battery for an impact driver?

While buying a battery for an impact driver, you need to consider a battery that improves the driver’s performance and lasts long. If you’re searching for the best battery for the Dewalt impact driver, check XR Lithium-Ion batteries of the Dewalt brand and a select battery that offers good runtime.

7. Impact drill vs. hammer drill. What’s the difference?

The impact drill is used for a driving screw in hard or soft surfaces, and the hammer drill is used to bore holes in surfaces like Brick, concrete, metal, or hardwood.

8. DeWalt 5ah battery best price?

As of now, DeWalt 5 ah battery price is $73.

9. DeWalt 12ah battery price?

DeWalt 12ah battery price is $249 (As of now).



No one knows what type of tool you need. Only you know what suits you better. What meets the requirements of your work? So if you’re looking for an impact driver and think you don’t need any app features and do not want to buy a more expensive impact driver, then go for DeWalt DCF887.

DeWalt DCF888 is an excellent choice for you if you are a person who loves upgraded features and wants to control your impact driver with your mobile phone. So your impact driver will be safe, and your money does not get wasted.

Tip: Before selecting any impact driver, knows your preferences and requirements. Think about what you want and what’s best for you?

Lets hope that our Dewalt DCF887 vs DCF888 comparison helped on your decision.