How To Sharpen Drill Bits With Dremel, File, or Grinder

So, you have a drill bit that is dull, and you keep on ripping holes in your workpiece? Maybe it’s time to sharpen up those old bits! This article will tell you the best way to get them sharp again. Let’s start straight!


Can I sharpen the drill bit on my own?

Before you head towards the shop and spend some extra bucks, just read what we have in store for you.

You can sharpen your drill bits on your own if you know the correct method, have the right equipment, and dedication.

What do you need?

The first thing you need is the drill bit that you want to sharpen and a bench grinder.

And keep in mind that your hand will be extremely close to the device, so do it carefully. And kids stay out of it.

Know the problem

Before starting up the sharpening, know whether your bit is Chipped or Dull.

A chipped Bit is caused when the force you’re exerting doesn’t match with the force of the drill, and a dull bit is a problem if the end of the bit is slipping and is unrefined.

Level the bit

Before heading towards the sharpening machine, ensure that any sharp edges can injure your skin. Use the file to level it up.

Get that bit revived

Now, level the landing and elevate your left hand by applying some pressure on the machine.

Now level the chisel by moving your left hand towards the right. And stop when the angle between the chisel and the lip reaches 45o.

After leveling the landing, rotate it clockwise to sharpen it, which supports the lips when making those fine holes.


Keep doing it until you’re satisfied with the results. But if you’re a complete beginner, first practice on a fully old bit, in case something goes wrong.

How To Sharpen Drill Bits
How To Sharpen Drill Bits

Why should I sharpen the drill bit?

It is worth every minute you spend on it because no one wants to make terrible holes.

Sharpening the drill bit saves you your time, saves you from spending extra money on new ones. And also make you efficient in your work.

Sharpen drill bits enhance grip, which causes it to stay in a place that allows you to drill holes more effectively. Sharpen Drill bits also reduce fatigue, as you don’t need to exert much force on them, which saves you your time.

It is also suitable for the health of your drilling machine, as you’ll exert less force and cause it to work more reliably than the dull and blunt drill bit.


How can I tell if the drill bit is sharp?

Now you have started sharpening your drill bit. You do it for some time. But now, how do you guess you’ve sharpened it enough?

Well, if you keep following the correct procedure, you’ll come to a point where the angle of the drill bit is either 118o or 135o.

Now, both the angles are good, but the effect they’ll have is different. If the angle is 118-Degree, the bit will be more pointed, ideal for drilling through soft materials like wood, etc.

And if the angle is 135-Degree, then it is best to use it while drilling into complex objects. Do not use 118-Degree bit while drilling through the hard materials because it’ll cause it to be dull more quickly.


Some different methods to sharpening your drill bit

There is more than one method for sharpening your drill bit and more than one sharpening device.

Each method is more efficient than the other, but it depends on how you make it efficient.

  1. How to Sharpen drill bits with Bench Grinder
  2. How to Sharpen with Diamond File
  3. How to Sharpen with Angle Grinder
  4. How to Sharpen with Dremel
  5. How to Sharpen with Drill Doctor
  6. How to sharpen drill bits by hand


How to sharpen drill bits with a bench grinder:

Now, before heading towards how you can sharpen your drill bit with Bench Grinder. You’ll need to know what Bench Grinder is precise.

Bench Grinder is a small tool that contains a fast-running metal belt/wheel, which runs fast to sharpen any object.

First things first, keep the bench Grinder off and try to hold the bit in the correct position. This way, you can master the job. Keep in mind to use the most extensive available and oldest non-usable bit, so any mistakes you make will not cost you.

Now, when turning on the bench grinder, make sure to hold the spark deflector with your index finger and the bit with your thumb.

After that, exert some force with your thumb, and elevate your left hand toward your right hand. Rotate it in the clockwise direction to make it pointed.

Again, as mentioned, stop when the angle between the chisel and the lit is 45-degrees. Also, don’t forget to wear safety goggles and do the sharpening with bare hands.


How to sharpen drill bits by diamond file?

Again, before the procedure, you’ll need to know what on earth a diamond file is? A diamond file is like Bench Grinder, i.e., used for sharpening things.

But you can hold it and perform the job as it is like the shape of a chisel, with a very rough surface, which comes in handy when sharpening things.

Now, coming towards how to do it? Firstly remove any impurities from the bit, i.e., dust, etc., by using a wet cloth. Adjust the bit in a place where it doesn’t move.

Then take the diamond file and make an angle of 60-Degree with both lips, move the file in up, down, and in curve motion multiple times, to get the desired result.

Before starting, make sure there aren’t any popped-out sharp edges that can hurt your skin.


How to sharpen a drill bit with an angle grinder?

Again, you need to know what the tool is. An angle grinder is a handy tool that you can use to cut through objects and sharpen them.

Make sure to grab your safety goggle before sharpening any material, and make sure to clean the bit you want to sharpen.

Always practice holding the bit with your thumb and index finger before turning the tool on. When the Grinder is on gently without exerting any force, push the bit towards the Grinder.

Repeat the process until you get the wanted result. You can also wear gloves if you want to.


How to sharpen a drill bit with a dremel?

Now, this device is far the best and easiest way to sharpen any drill bit. Dremel, like Dremel 6700, is just like a box with a sharpener inside.

But you’ll need to screw some screws to attach it to a wood table. After tightly connecting the Dremel, take the bit holder, and insert the drill bit you want to sharpen.

After that, turn the knob of the holder clockwise so that the drill bit can stay in its place. And now the fun part begins, place the holder in the sharpening block, and start rotating the block until you get the results you want.

Tilt the holder to 180-Degrees and again start sharpening until satisfied. Probably the easiest way you can ever have to sharpen a drill bit with Dremel.


How to sharpen drill bits with a drill doctor?

Now, before looking at the drill doctor, we thought Dremel was the best sharpening tool out there.

But, the drill doctor takes the credits away. Drill doctor is also like a box but is much advanced. It consists of two chunks. Insert the drill bit in one of the chunks, put it back in its place, adjust the bit.

Then after adjusting the bit, take it out and insert it into the more significant chunk where the sharpening.

The plate is also present. There are also two options present for you to choose between, 118-Degree, and 135-Degrees.

It is one of the most convenient sharpening devices you can ever imagine, easy to use, reliable, & The ideal device you need.


How to sharpen drill bits by hand?

Knowing how to sharpen a drill bit by yourself is one of the most amazing things, especially if you’re a worker. You can save a lot of time, money, and energy.

But if you’re not aware of anything we’ve mentioned above, no worries, we’ve got you. You can do it by yourself until you know the theory.


Safety is must

First things first, we have safety. The first thing you have to do is to grab safety goggles, gloves (except when dealing with Grinders).

Make sure the Drill Bit you’re about to sharpen has no popped sharp edges which can cause injury.

Check the device you’re working with, its condition, check out for any naked wires messing around, always turn it off while practicing how to hold the bit.


Choose the correct tool

Keep in mind to always choose the easiest and user-friendly sharpening tool you can find.

Don’t go straight for the pros device, where you have to do other things along with sharpening.

Like in Bench Grinder, you have to hold the drill bit with your thumb and hold the spark deflector with your index finger.

The ideal device from our point of view is the Drill Doctor or the Dremel. Both the devices are super easy to use and also do not require much of an experience.

In Dremel, you need to rotate the Sharpening box to get the desired result. And in drill Doctor, you need to understand the device and know which chunk is for what reason.


Start sharpening

Now that you’ve understood the basics let’s get the job done after choosing your ideal tool.

Just before sharpening, practice holding the bit so that you can have that desired bit. Remember to keep rotating the bit when sharpening and elevating your left hand towards the right, or vice versa.

But if you choose Dremel or Drill Doctor, you want to relax while the tool sharpens the drill bit.


How to keep your drill bit sharp?

It would be best if you kept all of your tools maintained. This way you can last them longer, and have a great time with your metal best friends.

Keep your drill bits clean: Before searching how to sharpen Shade, masonry, nail, step, auger drill bit, learn first how to keep your drill bits clean.

Before using your tools, clean them with a slightly wet cloth. This will enhance the life of your drill bit and will be more efficient in its work.

Observe your drill bits daily: Every time before using, just for a few seconds, have a comprehensive observation of your drill bits.

Keep a lookout for any unwanted sharp edges, which can cause a severe problem when you’re working.

Learn how to use a sharpener, and have one by yourself. This way, you can sharpen your drill bit anywhere, anytime. Keep them away from the places they haven’t belong, Take care of them, and you’ll save many things.

Use them with care No matter how much you care about your drill bits or tool if you do not use them with care or use them roughly. They’ll be trash in no time.

Getting the best result from your tools depends upon the aspect we’ve discussed on top, along with how you treat them.

If you treat them well, clean them. Daily observe if something is wrong with your buddy. They’ll be your friend in your hard times when you miss drilling, lol.

Remember to keep your drill bit cleans, sharpen them often. It’ll only benefit you!



Now, let’s see what people are asking?

Is sharpening drill bits a waste of time?

Absolutely NO. Sharpening your drill bit before every project you’ve got is the best thing in our sight. The time you spent sharpening the drill bit will come in handy in saving time when drilling.

As mentioned, it gives you that professional look, reduces fatigue, saves time, gives a good impression, and above all, you’ll do your best.

What do you need when sharpening the masonry drill bit?

So, know how to sharpen the masonry drill bit? First things first, get some safety goggles, observe the condition of the tool you’re using.

Clean the masonry drill bit with a wet cloth, remove sharp edges around the body (if present). Hold the drill bit by your thumb, and index finger lift the left hand towards the right or vice versa. Also, don’t forget to rotate, and you sharpen, and you’re good to go.

What is the best tool for sharpening drill bits?

It depends on your experience and the magnitude of the work you do. Suppose you want to go to places and can’t carry those significant, heavy devices. A sharpening file is better because of its size and weight. But it takes time. As an alternative to this, we have our Drill Doctor and Dremel. Small easy to use devices also are user-friendly.

How do you sharpen drill bits?

There are many products that you can choose from and different methods. You can sharpen a drill bit by hand using Grinder or even with a file.

You can also use automatic devices, like Dremel and Drill Doctor, which are ideal for beginners. No matter how good the device is, don’t forget the safety.



Sadly, now the time has come where we left you with all this speculation. And you better start working, because we’ve made many efforts for you!

Don’t get confused and start searching how to sharpen masonry drill bit, auger bit, nail bit, etc. There might be different types of drill bits. But their sharpening methods are pretty much alike.

All you have to do is know what you’re doing and do it with care and passion. Get the correct method and tool, but first, know what tool suits you well.

Remember, no matter which tool you use, the method is the same. So get motivated, sharpen your drill bit, and impress every client you get. Good luck, folks!