Makita VS Bosch – A detailed comparison

You can find several different brands selling excellent power tools in the market. Makita and Bosch are two of the top brands. Like many other people, you might also be stuck in the dilemma of choosing the best one. If yes, then you should keep reading the article. This detailed comparison will help you to come to the right decision.

Makita VS Bosch

Now, the comparison might be challenging, as both the companies are the individual kings of the power tool market. It is not like we are comparing a new business with some well-established old brand. We are talking about two equally established companies.

Hence, before diving into the Makita vs Bosch fight, we would like you to look into their details. Have an overview of both the brands to have a good know-how of their features.

Makita VS Bosch
Makita VS Bosch


Makita Overview

Mosaburo Makita, in 1915, established a Japanese power tool company. This company slowly went from repairing and selling to manufacturing power tools in 1959. Since then, Makita has been renowned all over the world for its top-class tools and services. Professionals in several different countries are using its tools.

Here is a short overview of their tools, services, manufacturing, and different features.


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Key features

Talking about the key features, Makita has a few fantastic features that make it stand out among all other options available in the market. Some of these key features are described below.

  • Longer running cordless tool battery life.
  • It has a more extended warranty than many power tools.
  • A wide range of power tools.
  • Two times higher power of cordless power tools.


Functionality and design

Makita power tools are manufactured keeping in mind the comfort of the user. The user-friendly design of Makita power tools is easy to handle. The comfortable handles are wrapped with grip rubbers for better working.

Similarly, maximum functions are included in the limited price range to provide the customer with full functionality.


Power output and usability

Makita power tools have comparatively better power output, especially in their cordless power tool collection. Some of their cordless tools provide two times higher power than most of the tools manufactured by other brands.

When we talk about their usability, Makita power tools fit almost every task you might be looking up to. Especially for wood-related jobs or carpeting, Makita might be the best option available for you.


Warranty and Manufacturing Facilities

Apart from all other outstanding features, Makita power tools come with a solid three-year limited warranty. This warranty is a lot longer than what most of the other manufacturers are offering. It provides you complete peace of mind for the straight three years.

Apart from their handsome warranty, their customer service is also something to be appreciated. They look into every problem with depth and help you out to the best.



Though the above description covered most of the features, here are a few more Makita power tool features that you should look into.

  • Many of the Makita power tools come with an option of dust vacuum activation. It is included for easy tool cleaning.
  • Makita manufactures sub-compact brushless power tools. These brushless power tools are preferable for their outstanding features. They reduce the need for maintenance, improve efficiency, and reduce heat and noise production.
  • Makita also manufactures oil impulse drivers. These drivers are designed for dealing with small-sized nuts and bolts. You can find only a few manufacturers providing oil impulse drivers, and Makita is one of the top among those.
  • Makita offers five 18V drill options.
  • The impact drivers manufactured by Makita have no other competitor in the market.


Description of tools manufactured from Makita

Makita tools are available in a great variety. They can be broadly classified as:

  • Cordless Power Tools: This collection includes classic tools, such as hammer drills, wrenches, screwdrivers, angle grinders, metal shears, saws, slot mills, and a lot more. They all operate through batteries and hence are cordless.
  • Corded Power Tools: Makita also manufactures a wide range of corded power tools. This collection includes classic tools, as well as gardening equipment and measuring tools.
  • Petrol Equipment: Makita has a collection of tools that run on petrol.


Bosch Overview

Robert Bosch founded a German Electric tools company in 1886 in Stuttgart and named it Bosch. The company initiated the manufacturing business in 1932. Since then, Bosch has been providing outstanding services across the world.

Before starting the comparison, here is an overview of bosch power tools.


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Key features

Following are some of the critical features of Bosch power tools.

  • With a wide variety of power tools, Bosch has a toll on your every constructional need.
  • The products are high quality and long-running.
  • You’ll also get a service protection plan.


Functionality and design

With its easy-to-handle design and structure, Bosch tools will make your tasks more accessible than before. The weight of the devices is also kept to a minimum, keeping in view the user’s ease.

High-quality products are rarely seen as dysfunctional.


Power output and usability

Though the power output provided by Bosch is better than a lot of other power tools, this is undoubtedly not the best in the market. Some manufacturers are providing a lot better power output.

Bosch power tools will cover most of your carpeting-related tasks.


Warranty and Manufacturing Facilities

Bosch power tools come with a one-year limited warranty. They also offer a one-year service protection plan. Other than that, you can reach their customer service through various methods. The unique one being the SMS contact method.


Other noteworthy features

Some other noteworthy features include:

  • Next-generation batteries. These batteries are designed for the fast charging of Li anodes.
  • Wireless battery charging system. Bosch cordless power tools come with a wireless battery charging system. It remains helpful when you are working in some open area where you can not find any switch.
  • With Bosch power tools, you’ll get eight 18V drill options.


Description of tools manufactured from Bosch

Following is a broad distribution of Bosch power tools.

  • Measuring and Layout Tools: This category includes stud finders, line lasers, laser measures, rotatory, optical, and point lasers. Most of them use laser technology to measure distances.
  • Cordless Power Tools.:You can buy screwdrivers, drills, rotary hammers, and impact divers to impact wrenches, band saws, blowers, and jigsaws. These cordless tools have everything that you might need for your next project.
  • Routers: From Palm routers to plunge routers and router tables, bosch offers every category for its customers.


Differences between Makita VS Bosch

After reviewing both the brands, we have concluded some of the main differences among them as follows:

  • Makita offers a solid warranty of three years, whereas Bosch power tools come with a limited one-year warranty.
  • Bosch has provided services to its customers for over 150 years, whereas Makit came into existence about a century ago.
  • Bosch provides wireless battery charging systems for their cordless power tools, whereas Makita offers no such feature.
  • Bosch manufactures next-generation batteries, but Makita still uses the traditional batteries.
  • Though it is a tough fight in corded power tools, Makita takes the lead in cordless power tools. It is because of two times more power output and the long battery life of Makita cordless power tools.
  • Makita manufactures brushless units that offer better working, whereas Bosch power tools still work with brushed motors.
  • Both Makita and Bosch manufacture combo kits. Though the Makita power tools are relatively better in quality, that does not make up for the fewer number of tools and much higher price. Hence you should prefer the Bosch combo kit.

Though Makita offers Oil impulse and impact drivers, too, the drill collection of Bosch is way better than that of Makita.


Head to Head – Tools where each brand has advantages

The above differentiation would have helped you to a great extent. But if you are still looking into the matter, here is a head-to-head comparison of some of the tools from both brands.


Tools Bosch Makita Conclusion
Cordless Drill ●     Has a better low rpm rating.

●     It has a good torque setting.

●     Has a better high rpm rating.

●     Has a better torque setting.

Though it was a tough fight, Makita cordless drills offer some of the really better essential features.
Combo Kit ●     More in quantity.

●     Lower in price.

●     Better in quality. Though Makita has somewhat better quality, that does not justify the much higher price with lesser tools.
Saw ●     Has a left blade design.

●     Provides a clear cut-line viewing.

●     Has a large cutting capacity.

●     Is lightweight.

Here again, Makita won with more preferable features.
Hammer Drill ●     It takes about double the time to drill a hole.

●     It has a longer runtime.

●     It drills holes quite earlier.

●     It has a shorter run time.

Both have their individual benefits. You can choose according to your preference.
Impact drivers ●     Has a three-led battery indicator.

●     Allows you to adjust the power.

●     Has a better battery life.

●     Charges faster than the Bosch.

Though Bosch offers some really interesting features, Makita focuses on what the customer really wants.


Alternatives to the Makita and Bosch

If, due to any reason, you want to fall out of the Makita vs Bosch comparison, here are some alternatives. These are some of the very well-established and well-known brands in the market.



DeWalt started operating as a company in 1924. This American brand offers some of the incredible power tools. Apart from their hammers drills and impact drivers, DeWalt is primarily known for its radial saw arm for woodcutting.

Though DeWalt is available at relatively higher prices, this is acceptable for their quality. With the high quality and a solid three-year warranty, you need not worry about your DeWalt power tools.



Black&Decker was formed in 1914. They kept on making such success that in 1949, they bought DeWalt. Black&Decker tools do not have a very high quality, but the low price range attracts customers. You should know that at this price, you should not be expecting the DeWalt level of manufacturing. Apart from that, Black&Decker works quite well.

Black&Decker provides all the standard power tools, like screwdrivers, saws, and drills.



What batteries work with Bosch?

Most of the Bosch power tools use the Panasonic 20700 battery cells. Bosch itself manufactures these next-generation batteries.

Makita tools made in China?

Makita is a Japanese company. Hence, most of the Makita tools are manufactured in Japan. Some devices are also made in Thailand, Dubai, Brazil, Mexico, and even China.

What does LXT mean on Makita tools?

You will often find an LXT label on Makita tools. This represents Lithium-Ion Tool, meaning that the device works on a lithium-ion battery.


The verdict: Should You Purchase a Makita or a Bosch?

Concluding all the Makita vs Bosch debates, it is pretty evident that Makita won most of the rounds. Though Bosch is working hard to provide their customers with new and exciting features, they should focus more on their basics. On the other hand, Makita does not offer attractive features, such as a battery indicating LEDs. Still, they have significantly focused on their essential elements.

If you are looking for cordless power tools, Makita is the king in that field. But for corded tools, the fight is more challenging. In fact, Bosch does dominate in a few corded tools.

Also, if you have a low budget, Makita will remain a bit out of your range. But Bosch is still a great option considering the much lower prices that they offer. The kind of functions and options available in Bosch is kind of excellent at such lower prices. Hence, the crux of the matter is that you can resort to Bosch power tools if you have a low budget. But if you can afford a little higher prices, you should go for Makita power tools.

Though our verdict will help you out in many decisions, you should always consider your personal preferences and needs.