Makita XDT14Z Review

Are you looking to buy a new tool? If so, read this Makita XDT14Z Review. The Makita XDT14Z is one of the best for the money and is engineered to be tough enough for any job site. Read on for more information about it!

Finding a perfect impact driver is not an easy task? Right. After all, we’ve multiple options when it comes to impact drivers and any other tool. There is a shedload of companies that manufacture power tools. All of them promise the best quality in their tools. Then how can you choose the best for you?

Well, to solve your problem about choosing the right impact driver, we’ve come up with a Makita XDT14Z review. Without a doubt, Makita is a renowned brand because of its tools’ excellent performance and quality. You can buy their tools without worrying about the quality.

To give you a more comprehensive and more precise picture, we’ll be going to break down the features of XDT14Z. So stick with us in this article till the end to find out why you should buy Makita XDT14Z?


Makita XDT14Z Impact Driver Overview

Purchasing an impact driver without knowing its features and specification is just a way of wasting your money. You can’t choose any impact driver; there are many factors you should consider, such as the torque, battery, user control, and so on.

Below in this Makita XDT14Z review, we’ll discuss the torque, performance, speed, and warranty of the XDT14Z Makita Impact Driver.


Type Cordless Impact Driver
Brand Makita
Model Makita XDT14Z
Power Source Battery
Voltage 18 Volts
Speed 3600 RPM (Revolution Per Minute)
Width 3.5 inches
Length 8.5 inches
Height 6.5 inches
Weight 2.31 pound
IPM 3,800 IPM (Impact Per Minute)
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Makita XDT14Z Review
Makita XDT14Z Review

Features of Makita XDT14Z Impact Driver


Makita XDT14Z works exceptionally well for a variety of applications. It has a ¼” chuck; you can quickly change the bits. The variable speed switch is a fantastic option to control the power of the impact drill according to the requirement of work.

There are three options, along with a “T” mode (for self-drilling screws) that helps you control the speed of Makita XDT14Z.


Speed Switch RPM (Revolution per minute) IPM (Impacts per minute)
Speed 1 (Slow) 1,100 1,100
Speed 2 (Medium) 2,100 2,600
Speed 3 (High) 3,600 3,800



If there’s one thing which you should look forward to in an impact driver other than performance, then it’ll be the comfort level. No matter how expensive your impact driver is, you should not buy it if you’re not comfortable with it because of the grip or any other reason.

With Makita XDT14Z, you don’t have to worry about your comfort while using it. Eventually, the XDT14Z handle is comfortable because of rubberizing, which is excellent for a good and comfortable grip while working.



Other than the aspect of comfortability, Makita XDT14Z is also a compact drill. Though most drills work fine, customers often face problems due to the bigger size and heavyweight. After all, weight and size are considered significant factors for user experience.

The length of Makita XDT14Z is 8.5 inches, width 3.5, and height 6.5 inches. With the size of 8.5 and 3.5 inches width, you can easily use this in a tighter place. Plus, it comes in a weight of 2.31 pounds, which means you can use it longer without fatigue.


LED Light:

LED light becomes a part of almost all of the drills and impact drivers. And honestly, it is an excellent feature that can save you in poorly lit areas. Compared to the other, two LEDs in XDT14Z works well, primarily when you work under a cabinet or in a darker place.

However, some people don’t like (not led light) the fact that you can’t turn it off in most drills because there is no option. The good thing is you can turn off the LED light while using Makita XDT14Z through the button.


Battery and Charger:

If you want, you can buy the Makita XDT14Z kit or only the impact driver (which is low in price). In short, you’ll get two lithium-ion batteries with the kit.

With these two 18V LXT 5.0 Ah batteries, you can constantly work for several hours. Along with batteries, the charger you’ll receive (Makita DC18RC) can charge one 18V LXT 5.0 Ah battery in only 45 minutes. It also has a built-in fan feature to cool down the battery while charging.

Furthermore, the Makita XDT14Z features “Star protection,” which exchanges data between battery and tool. It halts overcharging, overheating and makes sure that the battery always works best.



Though Makita is a trustworthy company, almost all customers are happy with their products because of the excellent quality. However, suppose you don’t like it after purchasing or face any problems while using Makita XDT14Z (though it will not happen). In that case, you can return it within 30 days (that’s something useful, right?).

Also, you’ll get the warranty in the case of encountering issues with the tool, battery, and charger (because of the quality and material) in the starting period of three years. It means you can send the device, battery, or charger to the service center for free of cost repairing.


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Final Words:

Without a single doubt, Makita XDT14Z is an excellent choice for people looking for a powerful impact driver who can work in every situation. The features they offer (Speed variable, Double LED lights, Fast charger, Star protection) are fantastic to drive screws and bolts.

Though the price is high, still the quality they offer is worth your money. Moreover, Suppose you don’t have a big budget to buy the whole kit of Makita XDT14Z and already have a compatible battery that you can use with this model. You can go for the tool (impact driver without battery and charger), which you can buy separately for under $100.

Hopefully, after reading this Makita XDT14Z review, you’ll get the answer to why you should purchase Makita XDT14Z? However, if you still have any questions, we’ll be happy to guide you. Just leave a comment below.