For a woodworker, the most important thing is their workpiece. Every woodworker wants their work perfect & remarkable. But an excellent job requires a lot of time, especially if you’re using hand tools.

To make noticeable furniture and other workpieces with rough lumber, you need a thickness planer to trim the surface. Some woodworkers used hand tools to cut the rough sawn. As I mention, this process (hand tools) takes a considerable amount of time. For that reason, I always suggest buying a thickness planer.

Although Thickness planer saves your time, on the other hand, finding the best one may take your extensive amount of time. This article will review and compare the features of two well-known Makita 2012nb & DeWalt dw733 thickness planers to make shopping easier for you.


What is a Thickness Planer?

A thickness planer is used to trim or flatten the surface of rough-sawn. It’s one of the most critical processes. Without it, you can’t achieve a smoother texture and constant thickness in your workpiece.



Makita 2012NB Review:

Let’s start this comparison with Makita 2012nb. This model is manufactured by a company called “Makita”. It’s a trustworthy company which has been providing its services for over 20 years.

Makita 2012nb is a compact design with 19.02 inches in width, 30.35 in height, 15.79 inches in length. The weight of this model is 27 kg. In other words, you can quickly move Makita 2012nb in your workspace because of its lightweight.

Despite the compact design, it works well for all types of woods. The quality of the built-in material is excellent, which makes this product reliable and durable.


Specification of Makita 2012NB:

Manufacturer: Makita

Model: Makita 2012 NB

Motor: 15 amp

No-load speed: 8500 RPM

Weight: 28 kg

Length: 15.79 inches

Height: 30.35 inches

Feed rate: 28 feet per minute

Warranty: 1-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee.



Best Features of Makita 2012NB:

Motor & Sound:

It comes with a 15 amp motor with an 8500 RPM no-load speed. It is the quietest thickness planer (83db) compared to others. The feed rate of Makita 2012nb is 28 per minute, and the cutting depth setting for maximum thickness is 6-3/32 inches.



The quality Makita provides in terms of build material is excellent. Even the plastic used in Makita 2012NB has excellent quality.


Height Adjustment:

The height adjustment feature allows you to set the height limit of the cutter head so you can get your workpieces with the exact thickness you want.

In Makita 2012nb, you’ll see this height adjustment handle on the top of the model. To use this feature, you need to rotate the handle and set it to one point to get the desired accurate thickness in wood pieces.


Depth cut indicator:

Just like other thickness planers, Makita 2012nb also comes with a depth cut indicator. The Depth cut indicator feature is used to know how deep a shaving you’re taking in thickness planer.

In Other thickness planers, you’ll get a measurement scale alongside an indicator, and the negative point about 2012nb does not have a measurement scale. It would be best if you had practice and experience to judge the depth of the cut.


Blades & Spine Lock:

Blades are one of the essential parts of a thickness planer. And Makita 2012nb has two reversible blades which you can’t sharpen again, which delivers the perfect quality result. Makita 2012db also offers an automatic lock system to stop the cutter-block from moving.



The best thing about Makita 2012nb is that if you’re not pleased with the product, you can replace it or ask for a refund within 30 days after purchase.


Pros & Cons


  • Used Good Built-in quality material.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Lightweight and quietest planner compared to others.


  • It doesn’t have a measurement scale alongside an indicator.
  • No manual spindle lock system.


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Dewalt DW733 Review:

DeWalt, a famous American company, was founded in 1924. It’s a 97-year-old brand known for its high-quality power tools. This means you can rely on DeWalt tools because of their durability and quality.

DeWalt DW733 is a famous and easy-to-use thickness planer made for everyone. It does not matter whether you’re a newbie or an experienced carpenter. Both can get an exceptional result from DeWalt DW733.


Specification of DeWalt DW733:

Manufacturer: DeWalt

Model: DeWalt DW 733

Motor: 1800 watt

No-load speed: 10000 RPM

Weight: 33.6 kg

Length: 20.8 inches

Height: 12.2

Feed rate: 8m/minute

Warranty: 1 year warranty



Best Features of DeWalt DW733:

Size & Weight:

Even though the weight of DeWalt DW733 is more than Makita 2012NB, it still works well. You can quickly move it anywhere in your workspace. It’s a compact design, 20 inches wide and with 12.2 inches overall height.



It has a powerful 1800 watt motor with a cutting lock head feature. Because of this feature, you’ll get a smooth and equal result. Cause this lock head feature locks the cutting head into a specific place to stop the movement.



DeWalt DW733 features two reversible blades which you can’t sharpen. These blades deliver the best quality shaving result with a feed rate of 8m/min.


Fast Knife Changes:

Everyone wants to buy these machines because they want to get the perfect result they can’t achieve with hand tools or save their time. That’s why this model features a fast knife change so that you can change the knife within a short time of 10 minutes.


2mm depth:

If you’re looking for a machine that can plane 2mm depth, then DeWalt DW733 is for you. Because most of the devices only offer 6mm depth. You can easily use this machine for all small woodpiles.


Pros & Cons


  • A compact machine that you can move anywhere.
  • Offers head locking feature means no movement and perfect result.
  • Easy to use and easy to clean.
  • It has a fast knife changer feature which saves your time.


  • Most of the customers had problems with snipe.


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Comparison table of Makita 2012NB VS DeWalt DW733 Thickness Planer:

Makita 2012 NB DeWalt DW733
Cutting Width 304 mm 307 mm
Weight 28 kg 36 kg
Motor 1650 Watt 1850 Watt
Feed Rate 28 feet per minute 8 m/min
Price $748.00 $928.6
Warranty 1-year warranty 1-year warranty
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Why should you buy Makita 2012NB Thickness Planer?

Makita 2012NB is a well-known name in the world of woodworkers. It’s an excellent quality thickness planer which you can use for years without any worrying. The benefit of using Makita 2012NB is it is a quiet thickness planer compared to DeWalt DW733.

The depth cutting is 6-3/32 inches with the height change feature to adjust the cutter-head height. It features two reversible blades and an automatic lock system for the cutter head. The price of Makita 2012NB is cheaper than DeWalt DW733.


Why should you buy DeWalt DW 733Thickness Planer?

DeWalt is a famous name; when it comes to power tools, you can easily rely on DeWalt products. DeWalt DW 733 thickness planer offers you more cutting width and comes up with an 1800 watt power motor with a lock head feature to ensure the perfect result of wood pieces.

I know DeWalt is an expensive thickness planer compared to Makita 2012NB, but it’s value for money.



We know choosing any one product from the two best options is an arduous task. Without it, you can’t get the product. DeWalt DW733 and Makita 2012NB are both best and famous for their quality and performance. Still, the two of them have distinct features, but DeWalt DW733 wins for it.

DeWalt offers a maximum 2mm depth of cut and an 8m/min feet rate which is quite good in contrast to Makita 2012NB. I know it is expensive, but it’s the best value for money for Makita 2012nb vs DeWalt dw733 thicknesser planer.