TackLife Cordless Drill Review – Best Value!

Suppose you are looking for a drill to do household projects, building some furniture, or just doing your hobby woodwork projects. In that case, you will be happy with a . No matter what the project might be, this drill will probably have a setting to get the job done.

It should be pretty easy to drill holes in drywall without too much stress, but I haven’t found a driver that doesn’t make me feel like I’m about to lose at some point. Those drivers usually come with too many attachments or are just so random-looking — the kind of look where I expect the drill to start attacking me. The Tacklife comes with a single 0-1600RMP variable speed bit which is all you need. It feels like it was made of cast iron, giving it a nice weight and feel when drilling into hard materials.

Now let us talk in detail about its specification, features, pros and cons and lots of other things. This is the TackLife Cordless Drill Review.


Specifications – TackLife Cordless Drill Review

Voltage 20V
2 Speed Gearbox 0-450/0-1600RPM
Torque 310 In-lbs
Battery Capacity 2.0Ah Lithium Battery
Charging Time 1 hour Fast Charger
Chuck Size 1/2″
Package Content 1x 20V Cordless Drill Driver; 1x 2.0 Ah Battery; 1x Fast Charger; 1xFlexible Arm; 32x screws; 6x metal drill bits; 3 x drill bits wood;1x robust belt clip;1 x high quality package;1 x user manual;1 x Storage bag
Storage Soft Tool Bag
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TackLife Cordless Drill Review
TackLife Cordless Drill Review


Features and About this item

3-In-1 Hammer Drill

Tacklife is an innovative, tactical, and everyday utility tool designed and engineered to meet the demanding needs of hardworking, dedicated individuals worldwide. With its innovative 3-In-1 hammer drill(screwing, drilling, and hammer drilling) and larger 310 lb Max Torque ™, it’s no wonder it has earned appreciation from everyone. Tacklife drill is highly functional and practical for any DIY style — whether it’s construction, outdoor repair, or maintenance. The lightweight, payload-friendly design allows Tacklife to be used wherever you want(wood, metal, and plastic)- effectively and conveniently.


1 Hour Fast Charging & 2.0Ah Li-ion Battery

What is it? Tack Life drill. This smart battery-driven, timer-based, portable wireless drill features a 1 Hour Fast Charging & 2.0Ah Li-ion Battery. You can charge the battery fully in just 1 hour, which saves your precious time. This makes it the ultimate companion to real-world applications! Perfect for someone who needs their job done fast and efficiently. Bye to all drills that takes 4-5 hours to charge fully.

It features a 20v battery with a 2000 mah capacity that helps you work on the project without worrying about running out of power. Especially in the middle of doing the work.


Copper Motor

Tacklife is indeed a well-made drill, and it features a standard feature that is often sacrificed in lots of other drills. The motor is copper, which is lighter than aluminum motors.


2 Speed Adjustment and LED Light

Tack Life Drill is a budget tool with premium quality that will bring many hours of satisfaction to complete most jobs with ease. The 2-speed transmission (0 – 450, 0 – 1600 RPM) allows you to adjust speed for different working tasks. It gives you the ability to identify where it is needed the most. This gives you plenty of time to take care of other tasks while working efficiently.

Also, it has LED lights to make your work easy and fast at night.


TACKLIFE Drill Driver Kit(43 pcs Accessories)

When you buy this drill, you don’t only get a drill. It includes six other bits to make your work easier. This package contains 43 pcs Drill bits and accessories for drilling holes of all sizes. It is a complete set with 32 x bits; 1 x bit holder; 6 x metal drill bits; 3 x wood drill bits; 1 x robust belt clip, and 1 x Storage bag.


Is the quality of this Cordless drill good?

I have used TACKLIFE 20V Cordless Drill several times for my apartment. I can get the job done efficiently and without worrying about the battery draining out in the middle of work. The charge lasts long enough for all projects that I do. It is one of the most reliable pieces of equipment that I have owned so far.


In what things can you use this drill?

These are the areas where you can use this tool.

  1. Furniture Installation
  2. Home renovation
  3. Tighten the screws
  4. Drilling wall
  5. Drilling wood
  6. And other handmade things



How does it feel to use the Tacklife drill?

The answer is quite simple: It’s incredible. One thing we always should look at when buying a power drill is its comfort. And this tool is very comfortable to use and feels easy in your hand. The soft-grip handle provides you a relaxed feel when using it.

Another thing you will love about this tool is that you don’t always have to adjust your hand movement, unlike other devices. It also has a belt clip that provides the convenience of moving around with it while you work.


How is the performance of the Tacklife drill?

It is power, speed, and torque that decide the performance of a drill. It has an 18v which is more than enough for household tasks. Most of the tools found in the market are 18v, and they are already great. 20v is a premium.

It has a max 35Nm torque that is excellent for fastening/unfastening and drilling holes—also has 2-speed settings 0-450/0-1600 rpm.

Note: Lower speed setting(0-450 rpm) is suitable for drilling into soft materials. The high-speed setting(0-1600 rpm) is excellent for a more rigid material.


What more?

Apart from all these things, other elements in this tool are pretty helpful, for example, a low battery indicator in the front back. Those indicators in the back show the battery level. Green means battery is more than 50%. Yellow denotes less than 50% and more than 30%, and red means less than 30%.


Things you need to be careful about

  • Do not put lithium-ion battery packs in an unpacked state for a long time because this could affect the product’s performance and shorten its lifespan.
  • Do not overcharge the battery.
  • Do not run it in explosive environments.



Coming from a product testing background, I am a big fan of tools and was excited when the opportunity to review the Tacklife cordless drill arose. The tool market is saturated with products mainly aimed for DIY around the home and garden. Still, Tacklife has attempted to bridge this gap by producing a tool aimed at every day: do it yourself, a garage mechanic. In short- I completely loved this tool.