Dewalt DCD777 vs DCD791: The Ultimate Review

Suppose you are confused about choosing between Dewalt DCD777 vs DCD791. In that case, this article will help you make a final decision with precision.

It would be best to consider certain things when buying a new brushless driver, and the DeWalt DCD777 and DCD791 are among the best in their class. The two models are pretty similar, with the most significant difference being the DCD791 comes with a laser guide for increased accuracy. Let’s take a look at each model and see how they compare.

When both Dewalt DCD777 and Dewalt DCD791 excel with their valuable merits, we need to go deeper to find which one is best.

Impact drivers, also commonly known as drill drivers, are widely used by many woodworkers, household, and minor tasks by electricians. The good remarks of users who use these impact drivers make them even more versatile and famous.

This article is for those who will be making a thoughtful decision of choosing between Dewalt DCD777 vs DCD791. Stick to the end of this article to have a final verdict.


Dewalt DCD777 vs DCD791 Comparison

Both models look similar from the outside. However, when we examine them closely in this article, there are some differences.

A comparison is needed to know which feature is dominant in each model to help the user choose accordingly.

They are classified with power, safety, and durability for their users. So, while comparing it, one can get a cross-section review detailing all the aspects.

Dewalt DCD777 vs DCD791
Dewalt DCD777 vs DCD791



Dewalt is a well-renowned brand that has been serving its customers for decades. It is well reputed because of the manufacturing of reliable and lasting power tools.

They hold encouraging feedback on amazon by users, and this thing let them keep flourishing and growing. Tools under review are impact power drills Dewalt DCD777 and Dewalt DCD791 that are famous for their durability and high performance. Coupled with multiple features, you can use them in various projects to facilitate the users.

What are they generally used for?

Dewalt DCD777 and DCD791 are used in several different areas, some of which are mentioned below.

  • To drill holes.
  • To drive in screws.
  • Drive many fasteners, lag bolts, and longer screws.
  • Effectively driving long carriage bolts
  • To fasten concrete screw anchors into block walls.
  • Driving screws in wooden posts
  • Screwing into metal studs.

If you are in a hurry, give a glance at these summarized points:

  • Dewalt DCD777 has an upside of lightweight, proving to be a good choice by providing convenience. It is also better ergonomically.
  • Dewalt DCD791  is winning clearly on four significant aspects: speed, run time, LED light, and power UWO.


Specifications – Dewalt DCD777 vs DCD791

Let’s have a quick look at the general characteristics of both these models. Following are the areas where Dewalt DCD777 is winning at some points, and at other points, qualities are strong in Dewalt DCD791.


Dewalt DCD777 Dewalt DCD791
Weight 2.6 lbs. 3.4 lbs.
Dimension 12.5 x 3.75 x 9.81 inches 16.22 x 4.5 x 10.1 inches
Length of the drill 7.52″ length 6.9″ length
Speed 1750 RPM 2000 RPM
Batteries  20 V 20 V
Warranty 3 years 3 years
Price Less price than DCD791 More price than DCD777
Run time 33% run time 57% more run time
LED light Yes Yes
No. of batteries Comes with 2 batteries Comes with 2 batteries
Power UWO (Unit Watts Out) 340 UWO 460 UWO
Style Brushless drill driver  Brushless drill driver
Battery Gauge Yes Yes
Build in ergonomics Convenient Convenient
Li- ion battery Yes Yes
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Comparison based on similarities and differences:

Here, I am going to separate the features of Dewalt DCD777 and Dewalt DCD791. First, the features which are different in each model and end up declaring the preferred model. Secondly, by combining the similarities that both these models share.

features of Dewalt DCD777 and Dewalt DCD791
Features of Dewalt DCD777 and Dewalt DCD791



Dewalt DCD777 weighs 2.6 lbs. which is easy to hold and carry while doing any project. There would be fewer chances of fatigue on workers’ hands during long and demanding work with its lightweight.

Using lighter tools makes work easy and can stretch the working hours for longer hours. The chances of strain in the hands of workers reduce substantially.

Dewalt DCD791 weights 3.4 lbs. In comparison with DCD777, it is slightly heavier. Although this variation in weight is trivial, it does matter when we keep this point under contrast.

So, Dewalt DCD791 being heavier will cause fatigue in workers’ hands and reduce the working time.

Weight = Dewalt DCD777 is the winner in this aspect.



Dewalt DCD777 runs at the speed of 1750RPM. It runs on brushless motor technology and provides high-speed transmission at two rates- 0-500 RPM and then 1750 RPM. According to need or demand, it is up to the user to switch the speed. Either to 500 RPM or 1750 RPM.

Dewalt DCD791 is the upper hand in providing speed transmission. It can run at a speed of 2000 RPM, which is faster than DCD777. It also has a two-speed setting. The first is 0-500 RPM, and the second is 0-2000 RPM.

Speed = Dewalt DCD791 owns this feature by providing a faster and reliable rate of 2000 RPM.


Run time:

In older versions of Dewalt impact drivers, brushed motors were used. But in newer models, the brushed motors were replaced by brushless techniques, and they are more efficient than brushed tools.

The Dewalt DCD777 has a brushless motor that is bound to run 33% longer. Moreover, besides the longer lifespan, it also runs smoothly and consumes less energy from the battery because of less friction.

When we put Dewalt DCD791 in comparison, this model runs 57% longer than brushed motors without placing a burden on an engine that gives this model an upper hand.

Running time = Dewalt DCD791 is the winner of this comparison as it has a 57% longer running time.


LED light:

This feature is different in both models.

DCD791 has a LED with a three-mode system. To make working easier in dark spaces, it has the spotlight feature. One of its qualities that makes it unique compared to previous versions is its twenty times brighter light.

Another valuable feature that helps the battery to conserve energy is its automatic shutting off the light after 20 minutes.

When we put Dewalt DCD777 in comparison, it has the feature of a 20-second trigger release delay. It means the light will automatically turn off after 20 seconds of releasing the trigger.

LED light = DewaltDCD791 is the winner because it offers more options in LED light.

Price or value for money:

Buy the tool that offers you all the features you need, which can provide you with quality. Both are good drill drivers in my eyes, but their prices got different tags.

If you are looking for an economical purchase that will cost you a lesser price, Dewalt DCD777 would be a great choice. It will provide you quality with less expense.

But, as far as Dewalt DCD791 is concerned, it has some remarkable features that can worth its extra price. The additional features are the answer to its more excellent price. So, those features like higher power attract you to go for DCD791.

I like all the features for Dewalt DCD777, but when it comes to value for money, DCD791 wins.


Power UWO (Unit Watts Out)

When Dewalt DCD791 comes with a more considerable weight, then it also holds the capacity to have greater power.

The way of measuring the power capacity is UWO (Unit Watts Out). It includes both speeds as well as torque. There is a direct relation between UWO power with the efficiency of the machine.

The higher the UWO, the faster a tool can accomplish tasks. Thus, Dewalt DCD791 has 460 UWO, which is suitable for light and medium jobs.

On the contrary, Dewalt DCD777 has the power of 340 UWO, which is equally capable of doing medium and light tasks. Still, as the number indicates, a slight fluctuation regarding efficiency is present as compared to DCD791.

Power UWO = Dewalt DCD791 is hands down the winner of this feud by providing extra power of 460 UWO.



We are almost there!

After going through all the differences that these two models hold, one can get a pretty much clear idea about the valuable features of these impact drivers.

Out of six aspects that I have held parallel, Dewalt DCD791 is winning clearly on four significant elements: speed, run time, LED light, and power UWO.

The rest of the feature is owned by Dewalt DCD777, which includes its lightweight.

One aspect, though differentiating over its specs, got its value. There is a tie-over feature of money value because the price of each tool justifies its provided quality. Check also our compare of DCD777 with DCD708.

Let have a final overlook at the similarities to reveal the final verdict.


Similarities – Dewalt DCD777 vs DCD791



Both Dewalt DCD777 and DCD791 have a 20 V battery. Another upside that both come with two batteries helps the user elongate the working hours by charging both the batteries beforehand.

Li-ion battery:


Both models have lithium-ion batteries and have a battery gauge. Battery gauges are helpful in the continuation of work when they are not cut short by dead batteries.

It is beneficial because you have the edge of keeping one of the batteries at charging while using the other.


Brushless motor:

One of its excellent pros is brushless motors, which help the tool run longer without getting heat-up. So, when the engine stays cool for a more extended period, in return, it increases the lifespan of running.



Both the versions give a warranty of three years to their users.



There must be sync between body organization and machine working for better performance of a system. Dewalt DCD777 and DCD791 are built by keeping in mind the human body’s ease and working machine.

A rubberized handle is there to prevent slipping and smooth working to ensure a firm grip and hold. By reducing excessive vibrations, further facilitates the user in keeping him away from exhaustion and fatigue. Moreover, its lightweight makes it handier to use, and one can carry it without being burdened with any load.


Final verdict:

Final verdict:
Final verdict:

Now, after emerging from an in-depth dive of comparison, it became tricky to choose between these two models when both are excelling in their own merits.

Dewalt DCD791 provides you the extra quality features of speed, run time, LED light, and power UWO that will help you professionally at the worksite. With these features, the additional price that Dewalt DCD791 demands seems entirely satisfactory.

On the other hand, Dewalt DCD777 is not in any way behind in providing good features. It’s lightweight, which is a significant upside in providing better ergonomics. If you are looking for not very high performance with something less economical, then Dewalt DCD777 would benefit your choice.

By keeping in mind all the mentioned aspects, in my opinion, Dewalt DCD791 is the winner of today’s comparison and should be the customer’s first choice in buying. Lets hope that our Dewalt DCD777 vs DCD791 comparison was helpful on your decision.