The Bosch 4100 vs Dewalt 7491: Which is Better?

In this article, we’ll do a Bosch 4100 vs Dewalt 7491 comparison to help you pick the right tool for your job. The Dewalt 7491 is in the same class as the Bosch and has very similar features, but there are some important differences. We’ll cover those in this article.

Due to sheer cutting power and high accuracy, a portable table saw is crucial for every contractor, DIYer, and workshop. Woodworkers frequently use it, and their good remarks are making it even more versatile and famous.


The reason behind the comparison between Bosch 4100 vs Dewalt 7491

Although both models seem alike from the outside, they hold some contrasting differences from within. As they say, “don’t judge a book by its cover.” There are plenty of things to be revealed when they come under comparison.

They are portable designs built for easing the work at job sites, and that’s what they are named after.

They are identified with power, safety, and durability for their users. So, while comparing it, one can get a cross-section review detailing all aspects.

Bosch 4100 vs Dewalt 7491
Bosch 4100 vs Dewalt 7491


Introduction of Bosch 4100 vs Dewalt7491:

Both these models are an improvement to their older versions. They have upgraded by providing the facility of portability from site to site. They have improved in rip capacity and weight design, including several other improvements.


What are they generally used for?

You can use Bosch 4100 and dewalt7491 in many different areas. They are used in various projects and procedures to help the workers, which include:

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  • To cut the material into proper sizes
  • Ripping (cutting material to specific width)
  • Woodworking
  • Building homes and renovations
  • At construction sites and projects
  • Contracting work



Let’s have a quick look at the general characteristics of both models. Following are the areas where Bosch 4100 is winning at some points, and at other points, qualities are strong in Dewalt7491 .


Bosch 4100-10 Dewalt 7491rs
Cutting thickness 3-1/8 inches at 90 degrees 3- 1/8 inches at 90 degrees
Blade 10 inch blades 10 inch blades
Stand style Gravity rise Rolling stand
Weight 92 lbs. 110 lbs.
Ripping capacity 25 inches 32 ½ inches
Speed 3650 RPM 4800 RPM
Battery 120V 120V
Current 15 amp 15 amp
Warranty 1 year 3 year
Dust collection port 1 2
Tooth blade 24 tooth patterns 24 tooth patterns
Horsepower 4 HP 2 HP
Saw safety features Yes Yes
Fence system Square lock rip fence system Pinion fence system
Miter gauge Yes Yes
Constant response (soft-start circuitry) Yes No
Price Less More
Mobility More mobile Less mobile
Dado stack Yes Yes
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Comparison based on similarities and differences:

Everyone thinking of buying a miter saw comes across Bosch and DeWalt. They both make high-quality tools, but some of their products have similarities, and some are quite different. Here are a few similarities and differences to help you choose which one is best for your needs.

Comparison based on similarities and differences:
Comparison based on similarities and differences:



Ripping capacity:

It is the amount of space present between the edge of the table saw’s blade and fence. It decides the maximum amount of width to cut wood, plastic, or any material.

In Bosch 4100, the rip capacity is 25 inches, which is just the average rip capacity that any table saw can provide.

While dewalt7491 is exceedingly far ahead by its 32.5 inches rip capacity. This feature is getting a great deal here.

Ripping Capacity: Dewalt7491 is doing a better job here.


Rolling stands

Both stands provide excellent portability and a comfortable system. If we look at Bosch 4100-10 Gravity stand system, it offers good pivotal support while doing work.

Working gets so easy and comfortable with its ergonomic design, which prevents back strain when the table is frequently needed to move from one place to another.

The dewalt7491 has a rolling stand that is firm on its four feet. It is more straightforward in terms of design than a pivotal system, and it has ball locks.

While working, neither of Dewalt7491 two castors are in contact with the ground, which means the outward angle of four legs makes a stable ground on a work area.

It lessens the chance of saw becoming imbalanced when handling heavier material.

[su_quote]If looking for better portability = Bosch 4100-10 gravity stand system.

If looking for studier setup = Dewalt 7491rs rolling stand[/su_quote]


Rip fence system:

Rip fence system helps to manage any material while cutting it on a saw table. It glues the piece to the workplace and ensures that it doesn’t move while cutting.

The fence moves from the front of the table to the back and runs parallel to the blade’s cutting plane.

Dewalt7491 has a rack and pinion fence system. It is a quick and accurate adjustment using gear that won’t fail in providing accuracy and alignment.

In Bosch 4100-10, it uses a square lock rip fence system that is not quite the latest. It hasn’t updated the facility in the fence system, making it lightweight and easily portable but having a shortcoming on alignment.

As the fence doesn’t have any feature of rollers and rails, it can wrap up, and constant pressure is required to overcome this issue.

Dewalt 7491rs = rack and pinion fence system is the best in this category.



In terms of size and weight, the model, which is light in weight, will win.

A lightweight machine is easy to carry and move from one place to another, giving it a great win in respect of portability.

In this regard, Bosch 4100 is our rising giant because of its being light in weight. It weighs only 92 lbs. which stands out to be easily portable.

Dewalt7491 is a bit heavier than Bosch 4100, and that is where it lags in providing comfortable transportation. Because of its weight, transportation gets a bit complicated.

Bosch 4100-10 = winner in having lightweight and easy transportation.



The power required for the table saw to cut the material of variable thickness is measured in horsepower.

In this feud, Bosch 4100 is owning the show by his horsepower ranging to ~ 4HP. This manifests a tremendous amount of energy, and it is a significant upside.

When we see the power of dewalt7491, it only manages to deliver half of the energy compared to Bosch 4100, which is ~ 2HP.

Horsepower = So, in this duel, Bosch 4100 is hands down the best provider of energy.



Although both models support the same motor, Dewalt7491 has a slightly higher speed which is 4800 RPM.

While working on the same motor, Bosch 4100 runs on 3650 RPM, and it is because of its soft-start circuitry. When we see speed, then numbers are telling the win of dewalt7491.

Dewalt7491 = excelling in speed while running with 4800 RPM.


Constant response (Soft-start circuitry)

The most impressive feature present in Bosch 4100 is soft-start circuitry which is benefiting users a great deal.

Now the question arises, what is this?

Bosch 4100 starts gradually and then gains speed. It does not start all of a sudden like its competitor dewalt7491 which prevents tripping a circuit breaker.

It helps the motor to handle the load and, at that time, assists the user to arrange the cutting material accordingly. All the things I have discussed above come under the term “constant response.”

The constant response supports the user during situations of overload and maintenance of speed under stressful conditions.

It is evident that Bosch 4100 is on the winning side, but let’s have a look at the other side of the picture.

When Bosch 4100 is easier to start, it takes a slow ending too. The motor stops after a while of disconnection from electricity. This can mismanage the cutting target.

On the other hand, its competitor takes a sudden start and a sudden end which assists in one way while causing some damages on the other.

Overall, choose the aspect on your own, which is more appealing and relevant to your kind of job. But in my opinion, Bosch still has a top hand in this feature.

Bosch 4100 = soft-start circuitry is providing more benefits.




Both models are made with perfect stands that can help in transportation, but the only difference lies in their weight.

As these are Jobsite tables and at work, there requires a great deal of movement from one place to another.

In this regard, Bosch 4100 seems to be a winner. Why?

Because of its lightweight, it weighs 92 lbs. which is lighter in weight than dewalt7491.

Of course, the greater the weight, the larger would be the fatigue over its mobility. So, dewalt7491, with its 110 lbs., will be a little heavier to move.

Bosch 4100 = Its lighter weight helps it to move quicker on the top of the list.


Dust ports:

The spinning blades of the machine spread sawdust in the working place. Sometimes, it affects the working efficiency by making the surface untidy.

For this problem, dewalt7491 came up with integrated two dust ports, one 2.58 inch and the other 1.5-inch port close to the blade.

These ports are made for easy removal of sawdust and can improve the dust collection system.

Bosch 4100 also has a dust port of 2 inches that can function well in removing sawdust, but the presence of two dust ports in dewalt7491 gives it an edge.

Dewalt7491 = It is at the gain because of its two dust ports.



Dewalt7941 has three years’ warranty, while Bosch is lagging considerably by providing a warranty of just one year.

Dewalt7491 = Have a lasting warranty of three years.


Price or value for money:

Buy the tool that offers you all the features you need, with superb quality. Both are good table saws in my eyes, but their prices got separate tags.

If you are looking for an economical purchase that will cost you a lesser price, Bosch 4100 would be a great choice. It will provide you with quality with less expense.

But, as far as Dewalt7491 is concerned, it has some remarkable features that can worth its extra price.

I like all the features for Bosch 4100, but when it comes to value for money, Dewalt7941 wins.


We are almost there!

After going through all the differences which these two models hold, one can get a pretty much clear idea about the valuable features that both these table saws have.

Out of eleven aspects that I have held parallel, Dewalt7491 is winning clearly on five significant factors: Ripping capacity, rip fence system, speed, dust ports, and warranty.

The rest of the features are owned by Bosch 4100, including weight, horsepower, soft-start circuitry, and mobility.

Two aspects, though differentiating over their specs, they also got their value. There is a tie over the feature of the rolling stand and money value.

Let have a final overlook at the similarities to reveal the final verdict.


Similarities – Bosch 4100 vs Dewalt 7491

Motor performance:

Both Bosch 4100 and dewalt7491 have excellent and equal motor performance. They run on a 15-amp motor and have a similar range of 120V battery.

Blade and cutting thickness:

Both saws have sturdy, strong 10inch blades. Bosch 4100 can cut 3-1/8 inches at 90 degrees.

The same goes for Dewalt7491. But the cutting slightly varies at 45 degrees. Bosh 4100 offers ¼ inches more depth by coming with 2-1/2 inches while Dewalt7941 is trailing at 2-1/4 inches. It means that Bosch 4100 can cut comparatively thicker material.

So, performance-wise they are similar because they can cut the material of almost the same thickness.

Miter gauge:

Plenty of reviews on amazon have shown that there is a need to improve the working of miter gauges of both table saws. Their working performance is not up to the mark, and an upgrade is required.

Saw safety features:

Jobsites machines adopt various safety features to prevent the user and crew from the fast-moving blade, flying cutting piece to avoid kickback.

Bosch 4100 has incorporated a ‘smart guard system’ that has anti-kickback pawls and a riving knife.

Dewalt7491rs also offers the same features with the addition of a push stick.


Final verdict:

Now, after emerging from an in-depth comparison, it became tricky to choose between these two models when both are excelling in their own merits.

We have seen that Dewalt7491 provides you with the extra quality features of ripping capacity and a fence system that will help you professionally at a job site. With these features, the additional price that Dewalt7491 demands seems satisfactory.

On the other hand, Bosch 4100 is not in any way behind providing good features. Its lightweight with gravity stands and constant response features are significant upside. If you are looking for not very high performance with something less economical, then Bosch 4100 would benefit your choice.


Concluding remarks:

It is still hard to point out one, but dewalt7491 is slightly ahead of Bosch 4100 and this review’s conqueror. Lets hope that our Bosch 4100 vs Dewalt 7491 comparison was helpful on your choice.