Dewalt dcf787 review – Is it worth the price?

Indeed Dewalt creates professional-grade power tools and impacts driver kit. This time around, we’re taking a look at the DEWALT DCF787 Review, a compact 18-volt cordless drill with an impressive amount of torque and 1500 lbs of maximum torque. Let’s take a closer look at what the DCF787 has to offer and see how it stacks up against other models in the DEWALT lineup.


Dewalt DCF787 – Specification:

While searching for the top 10 best cordless impact driver reviews, you will always find Dewalt dcf787 cordless impact driver review in that list. But how can you know if it is the right choice for you?

Okay, Let’s find out by looking at all specs you need to know about this DEWALT cordless impact driver. So, you can see all of its specifications and product identifiers here in the Dewalt DCF787 review:


Dewalt DCF787

Model Number: DCF787
 IPM: 0-3,200
 Motor Type: Brushless
 Drive: 1/4″ Hex
 No Speed Load: 0-2,800 RPM
 Battery Technology: Lithium-Ion (Li-ion)
 Tool Type: Cordless Impact Driver
 Max Torque: 1500 LBS
Warranty: 3-Year Limited



What’s Included in Dewalt DCF787 Tool Only:

  • 1 DEWALT dcf787 cordless Impact Driver
  • User Manuals
  • Instruction Book

Depending upon kit type:

  • 1 or 2 Batteries
  • 1 Fast Charger
  • 1 Carry Case

About Dewalt DCF787 Cordless Impact Driver

The DEWALT DCF787 20Volt MAX is a cordless impact driver with a 20V MAX lithium-ion battery. 1500 LBS in torque, 3200 IMP, and 2800 RPM of no-load speed. Its brushless motor provides 57% more run time than a brushed motor.

¼ inch DEWALT with lightweight (2.1 pounds) and comfort grip becomes easy to use. Its 3 LED lights with a 20-second delay after trigger release make it easier to use in dim light. So, DEWALT dcf787 is a versatile, powerful, and easy tool that comes in a reasonable price and 3-year warranty, a 90-day payback, and 1year free service.

The DEWALT DCF787 20V MAX is a cordless impact driver
DEWALT DCF787 Review – 20V MAX cordless impact driver


Detailed Information of DCF787 Dewalt:

To optimize your worksite’s productivity, we have made a complete review of the top best power tools, all you need to work with efficiently. It is no wonder that Dc787 sits on the top best power tools. So, we have done a complete dcf787 review to match your needs.


Reason To Choose It:

We have done this review of DEWALT dcf787 after experiencing its mode of action. We know that the drill drivers are advantageous when driving smaller fixings and holes, but many don’t have the required torque to cope with its work. While when we see the details of the Dewalt dcf787 cordless impact driver, the torque of 1500 LBS is sufficient.

So, you can see that DEWALT cordless impact drivers are a fantastic tool for this kind of job.

You must at least have one of them. But in this era, you can find lots of impact drivers to cope with the more demanding jobs, but we have it easy for you to choose one of them for you. You can get the best product for you, with a wide range of cordless and corded impact drivers.

But DEWALT has added brushless motors in the dcf787 impact driver that has extended the motor’s life and increased the tool’s running time. So, it might be a perfect match for you. You can compare DF787 also with DCF885 version here.


To Whom We Recommend it?

If you’re a professional carpenter, plumber, mechanical and electrical contractor, or non-professional homeowner, this tool is right for you.

In short, if you are someone in the job that needs longer fixings, like heavy-duty bolts or nuts into hard material such as concrete or steel. And find themselves using impact drivers instead of cordless drill drivers; you need to consider this tool.

So, the DEWALT dcf787 and its kits might be a perfect match for you. Impact drivers indeed are smaller and lighter than drill drivers. One of its standing properties is its higher torque output than the drill drivers, so they are mainly used to tighten nuts and drive screws.


You Can Use It For:

Undoubtedly, humble drill drivers are popular and versatile. You can use these drills anywhere you need to drive a screw or make a hole, tighten a small bolt, or set a nut, but you can not perform some functions efficiently. You don’t have to struggle for that with standard drills. It can drive screws at astounding speeds.

You can use DEWALT dcf787 impact driver to perform these actions with good productivity and at your ease, as it also provides a much higher torque output.


What is DEWALT dcf787 designed for?

  • Efficiently driving long deck screws
  • Drive carriage bolts into wooden posts
  • Removing longer screws
  • Too tight and loose bolts and nuts.
  • Fastening concrete screw anchors into block walls
  • To hammer nails into more challenging materials, like metal.
  • As it isn’t planned for drilling, though, it can be valuable when using a spade bit.


A complete Information of DEWALT dcf787

As we know, Dewalt is known in the industry for making durable, robust products that are designed with the user in mind. Their tools are engineered to make life easier, safer, and more productive for merchants and DIY enthusiasts. Here are things you need to know about this tool.


The first and most crucial factor to contemplate while buying any cordless impact driver is its chuck size. It expresses to you the maximum minute size you can use in your cordless impact driver. You can get a variable range of chuck size options like ¼ inch or ½ inch. In contrast, DEWALT dcf787 with a chuck size of ¼ inch might be a perfect match for you.

The anvil and chuck components handle the bulk of manipulation during use are mass-produced from metal. The combination of hardened plastic and metal gives the impact driver the resilience it needs to withstand the toughest of jobs and the bulk of bangs and knocks.


While buying any power tool, the first thing that pops up in your mind is its battery or runtime. Right? Since these cordless drivers are powered, means they use batteries to function. But the battery of the cordless impact driver should have enough power to screw nuts or bolts easily. Well, according to my research and experience of the top best impact drivers, DEWALT dcf787 cordless impact driver is all you want. It has a Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery with 20V power, which is a better option for you.


You also consider the runtime of impact drivers, and it should have a long battery life so that you can use them without stopping. So, a battery of 2 Ah will offer a better battery life. Its brushless motor provides 57% more run time than the brushed motor. It has a more significant battery life, and you can use it for long-time activities.

You can get different varieties of batteries in the DEWALT dcf787 combo package, regardless of what battery you use. It’s significant to understand that the change is only in usage times. However, there isn’t any change in torque.

You can upgrade the batteries, get some slightly. There are 13 amp batteries, and I have just used them to test them.


You can see many models of impact drivers. Still, DEWALT dcf787 comes up with a variable speed trigger that serves users with simplicity and delivers power controllably and flexibly. You can adjust the speed of cordless impact drivers from zero up to 2800 RPM and IPM from zero to 3200.


The DEWALT DCF787 cordless impact driver provides you a torque output of about 1500 LBS. And it is highly variable. For instance, when torque-output of a lower level and speed is required for more minor fixings, you can press its trigger lightly.

Similarly, when a higher level of torque-output and speed is required for a hard job, you can hold them for a 20-second delay after trigger altogether. Doing so provides the largest torque-output, the fastest speed of maximum IMP and RPM. And after the work, when you release the trigger, the impact driver’s brake kicks in, and it stops from rotating quickly.


The brushless motor makes very little noise as compared to other brushed motors. The smooth and efficient tool does the work at great speed and comparatively very little noise. It is a handy feature because it reduces noise pollution due to the machinery and drilling at construction places.

DCF787 does not produce too much noise when using it. This gives you peace of mind while working with it.


There are three LED-light arrangements on the front of the dcf787. This automatically activates once the trigger is pressed and has a 20s delay after the trigger releases. The LED’s are arranged in a ring. This feature ensures that your workplace is shadow-free. Every corner is visible even in dim light and to minimize irritating shadows.


The brushless motor of dcf787 has 57% more run time and efficiency while consuming less energy. It consumes less electricity as well as less human energy by providing speed work.


You might have read our dcf787 review. We have mentioned many times that DEWALT dcf787 (tool only) packs much power. Still, that factor is not enough for you to choose a good impact driver for you.

As an experienced contractor knows, you’ll need to adapt your toolset for every job. Thanks to this DEWALT tool, changing bits is as quick and easy as possible. Also to the quick release anvil feature on the reengineered model dcf787 is impressive.

A very compact little machine, the chuck of it accepts 1/4″ (6.35 mm) hex accessories which click into position instantly. You can see a slight minor groove when that goes just straightforward, hexagon-shaped. It does not pull out. However, when you just finished your job, so to release that, you need to pull that little collar forward, and then the bit comes straight out. You can buy all kinds of various bits for these.


You can see a versatile variety of impact drivers, but how can you choose one according to your needs? Well, you must consider your comfort level to use any cordless impact driver. DEWALT dcf787 is an easy-to-use power tool with a comfortable grip, and you can use it only with one hand.

It is designed in a way that you can do the woodwork quickly. It can pull the sleeve or drive in the chuck. It is compatible and lightweight to fit in smaller places. So, DEWALT dcf787 design is comfortable and easy-to-use


DEWALT dcf787 comes at a reasonable price as compared to its functions. It is three times cheaper than the previous DEWALT dcf887, which hasn’t got the speed. So, dcf787 DEWALT is a budget-friendly tool with lots of benefits, especially its brushless motor. It saves your one-time investment, and you can use it for the long term.


In Summary – Dewalt DCF787 Review

If you can not afford to read the full review, you don’t need to worry. You can get all the necessary information from this summary of the dcf787 review. DEWALT has a planetary status for creating quality power tools. The Dewalt dcf787 cordless impact driver more than lives up to this.

DEWALT dcf787 power tool has a remarkable feature of the brushless motor in an affordable price range. So, it provides significant appreciations to your hard-earned money with its variable speed and high-torque output, which comes in most kits.

Suppose you’re a professional or non-professional house owner or anyone in between who is in the market for an inexpensive impact driver. Preferably, it can handle lots of tasks like fastening and fixing concrete, steel, hardwood, etc. In that case, the dcf787 is an excellent option for you. Here you can find the comparison of dcf787 with dcf887.


Dewalt DCF787 Review – Pros & Cons


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  • The extraordinary feature of dcf787 is its brushless motor, and so it can provide you enough power for heavy-duty jobs.
  • It has a varying speed of 0 to 2800 RPM. This allows you to adjust the output to best suit different types and materials of items.
  •  It has some extra settings, the three speeds on a soft starter sort.
  • The price of dcf787 is incredible, with the lighter Li-ion battery. These batteries have a higher energy density than standard batteries so that the driver can run longer between charges.
  • With a maximum torque output of 1500 IN-LBS and maximum impacts per minute of 3,200 IPM, the DCF787 impact driver brings more than enough power to handle more prominent fixings in the most challenging materials.
  • It works with the Power system of 20V DeWalt’s FLEXVOLT system, enabling you to improve runtime considerably.
  • It structures a three LED-light arrangement for maximum visibility and reduced shadows. TLED’sD’s are arranged in a ring. This feature ensures that your workplace is shadow-free. Every corner is visible even in dim light, also to minimize irritating shadows.
  • It has three years of guarantee with registration and one year of warranty without registration, so registration is essential.



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  • It comes in a box, no bag there, no clip for your belt, no batteries, no charger. It is just a bare frame. There was nothing else. But price-wise, it is good. You can buy its combo packages or kits according to your needs.
  • There is a glaring flaw with this tool like we felt it.
  • It doesn’t feature an on-tool bit holder.



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DEWALT DCF787 Kit Types

There is a unique versatility in the kit ranges for DEWALT DCF787 combo sets. They come only with a few differences. Tkit’st’s range starts with the DCF787B, which offers the tool alone with no charger, no battery. It ends with the top range variety of the DCF787M2 kit. It is s vital to know that each kit type provides the same DEWALT impact driver—the only alterations in the batteries’ quality and size and carrying case.

The following is an overview of the available kits for this particular model.


DEWALT 20Volt MAX Cordless Impact Driver DCF787B (Tool Only)

This cordless impact driver has a compact, lightweight design and bright LED lights with a 20-second delay after trigger for working in dim light. So, it completes several applications with up to 1500 LBS torque-output and a changeable speed. It has You can easily change the bits with instant release Hex chuck. They sell Charger and Batteries separately.


  1. 1 x DEWALT 20Volt Impact Driver (DCF787B)
  2. No charger or battery
  3. User manuals


DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Impact Driver Kit (DCF787C1)

This impact driver kit has a compact, lightweight design for hard-to-reach areas and bright LED lights for working in dim light. It contains a brushless motor for increased durability and runtime.

The kit includes a charger and a battery-powered 20Volt MAX.



  1. 1 x DEWALT 20Volt Impact Driver (DCF787C1)
  2. 1 x 20V MAX Battery
  3. 1 x Fast Charger
  4. 1 x carry case
  5. User manuals


DEWALT 20Volt MAX* Cordless Impact Driver Kit (DCF787C2)

The Dewalt DCF787 cordless impact driver kit has a brushless motor for productive performance and runtime. The impact driver kit comes with 3 LED lights with a 20-second delay after trigger for working in dim light. And its speed trigger allows it for control on subtle work surfaces. It has two powered batteries and a charger and too bad as well.


  1. 1 x DEWALT 20V MAX* Brushless Compact Impact Driver
  2. 2 x 20V Li-ion Battery
  3. 1 x DCB107 Charger
  4. 1 x carry case
  5. User manuals


DEWALT 20Volt MAX Cordless Impact Driver Kit (DCF787M2)

DCF787M2 brushless cordless impact driver kit is the latest generation of brushless impact drivers. The high performance of brushless motors provides high torque-output, which guarantees fast completion of challenging work. It is an excellent compact tool with comfortable operation when used in minimal spaces. The LEDs provide excellent illumination to avoid shadows. It has perfect XR Lithium-ion batteries and universal chargers, which ensures efficiency and faster performance.


  • 1 x DEWALT 20Volt MAX* Brushless Compact Impact Driver
  • 2 x 20V XR Lithium-Ion Battery
  • 1 x Universal Charger XR
  • 1 x carry case
  • User manuals


In Conclusion of Dewalt DFV787 Review

If I was owned at the DEWALT platform solely and needed to buy an impact driver from DEWALT, then dcf787 might be the one I would be looking for. It fits best to your needs if you are a professional or non-professional worker. Its price is remarkable with brushless motors and the Lithium-ion 20V Mbattery’sy’s power supply, which provides you changeable speed and maximum torque output. Appropriately, you can easily choose the perfect one for you by going through this article until the end.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any difference between a drill driver and an impact driver?

While impact drivers and drill drivers may look similar, they are very different tools. A drill driver is used to drill holes, whereas an impact driver is used to drive fasteners such as screws or bolts. An impact driver can drive large pins into more rigid materials than a drill driver. So it’s a better fit for projects that require driving lag bolts or screws into the thick wood.

Is the DeWalt DCF887 any good?

If you want the multi-featured impact driver, you go for the DEWALT DCF787M2 kit. In our opinion, however, we’d call the DCF787 the best DEWALT brushless impact driver. It delivers impressive torque output and varying speeds at a reasonable price.

Is DEWALT brushless motor worth money?

Brushless impact drivers are worth the extra money because you’ll get an impressive torque output in a smaller design than a brushed model. There’s no friction to take away from the motor’s torque output.

What is the difference between a brushless and a brushed impact driver?

There are two types of impact drivers, brushed and brushless. A brushed impact driver has a motor that works with a brush system to create the spinning motion that drives the screw. A brushless impact driver does not have a brush system and relies on electrical power from the battery pack to create the spinning motion that drives the screw.

Is the motor on the DEWALT DCF787 impact driver brushed or brushless?

The motor of this particular model of DEWALT is brushless and doesn’t contain carbon brushes, which produce friction. It uses magnets to produce electricity.

What is the warranty period of the DCF787 impact driver?

It has three years of warranty with registration and one year of security without registration. Therefore, registration is essential.

Now that we have taken an in-depth review the DEWALT DCF787 and impact driver kit, let’s wrap this up. What are the most vital features of this handy impact driver? For one, it has a lot of power — more than most cordless drills that are currently out there. The battery also charges relatively quickly, and the design is ergonomic. Plus, it comes with three years of warranty so you can work in peace.